Ceres and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: How is your career impacted by your nurturing style?

By 12andus

Ceres-MC-Harm.jpg Ceres conjunct Midheaven in the birth chart

Your compassionate, nurturing instincts may drive your career choice.

You may pursue a public or professional role that allows you to show your nurturing, caring and loving energy. Working with children or as a nurse, counselor or caretaker in some capacity will help you express your gifts.

Your warmth easily comes across in your work and professional life, no matter what industry you go in to. You may act like the caregiver in the office, always looking after everyone else’s needs.

You may fuse your compassionate energy and work so much that you take responsibility for your work as if it was your “baby” or even your own business rather than a company you work for.

Ceres sextile Midheaven in the birth chart

You care about your professional connections and clients like family.

Though you can maintain personal boundaries in your career, you do show strength in helping others to feel loved and at home, regardless of your industry.

You may have a reputation as the caretaker or mother figure of the office. You always try to make sure your colleagues or clients are comfortable and nurtured.

You may take it upon yourself to resolve conflicts. This usually works because you’re considered popular and well liked because of your compassionate energy.

Ceres square Midheaven in the birth chart

You are nurturing, caring and compassionate, yet you struggle to convey this in your career.

You may seem cold and aloof to your colleagues and clients. Once they get to know you, though, they see that you are actually very loving and nurturing. You may think you need to hide your compassionate side because it will make you vulnerable.

If your career is competitive you may think your compassion will make you seem weak. Once you work through this fear, you can find greater success in your career through nurturing others.

Ceres trine Midheaven in the birth chart

You easily use your career path to show your loving and nurturing side.

You can convey your love and affection to others with no effort at all. Your career path reflects this natural gift for showing love and affection. You are drawn to career roles that place you in the position of caretaker.

Even when it isn’t part of your job description, you make sure everyone in the workplace is cared for. You don’t even have to think about it, your presence, tone and style of communication make your genuine compassion clear.

Ceres opposite Midheaven in the birth chart

Your caring and nurturing energy is best expressed at home.

When it comes to work and career you may have a difficult time showing your true compassionate and personal nature. You may try to be professional rather than caring.

As a result you may be drawn to professions that don’t require you to reveal your compassionate side. You may resist going into work settings where you have the responsibility to be the caretaker for others.

You’re very nurturing, but you show the best of this strength in your private life, at home or among family. It’s only if you get really comfortable and close to coworkers or colleagues that you show your deeper caring nature.

Your colleagues may think you’re cold but they would be mistaken. Instead you are just very guarded at work. You try to not show too much of yourself and your personal, caretaking nature at work.

Ceres quincunx Midheaven in the birth chart

You can be very nurturing, but don’t always know how to apply this energy to your role in career.

You may try to avoid taking any responsibility for nurturing your colleagues or clients, treating them as strictly professional. But this usually doesn’t last long. You genuinely want to help others and may be drawn to overcompensating by showing too much concern.

When you overcome your insecurities, it’s easy for you to become a powerful ally to your colleagues. You can show great nurturing and love through your career path once you become confident in your boundaries.

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