True Lunar Node and Ceres aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you help each other find fulfillment?

True Lunar Node-Ceres-Harm.jpg True Lunar Node and Ceres conjunct in the synastry chart

You both compel each other to live up to your fullest potential.

True Lunar Node person helps Ceres person find their courage to nurture others and fulfill their ultimate purpose. Ceres person would stay in their comfort zone if not for the encouragement from True Lunar Node person.

True Lunar Node person doesn’t always stop to consider their own deeper emotional needs and urges until Ceres person helps them remember the importance of self-care.

Both can help each other fulfill their sense of destiny and fill their mission. You both fuel a deep desire to follow path and can help each other overcome obstacles.

True Lunar Node trine, sextile or semi-sextile Ceres in the synastry chart

You both have a positive influence on each other’s sense of destiny and purpose.

True Lunar Node person feels drawn to Ceres person who is nurturing, emotionally supportive and compassionate toward True Lunar Node person's mission.

Ceres person is encouraged to fulfill their higher purpose and develop their nurturing and compassionate talents in the service of others in ways they wouldn’t have considered without True Lunar Node person's input.

You may come into each other’s life at a time of dramatic change and healing and help each other pursue your destinies and purpose.

True Lunar Node opposite, square or semi-square Ceres in the synastry chart

Though your intentions may be good, both may create tension while trying to help each other.

True Lunar Node person tries to help Ceres person make progress toward their goals and live up to their destiny. Without intending to, True Lunar Node person can push Ceres person too hard or may be seen as demanding and critical.

Ceres person may feel compelled to follow True Lunar Node person's lead but may fall short and not feel completely ready to step up to the plate. Ceres person is nurturing and loving but may scare True Lunar Node person away or seem overbearing.

Both will need to work on pacing their energy and balancing their intense energy so they can work together to help each other advance.

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