Transiting Moon on natal Ceres

By 12andus

Moon-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Moon conjunct natal Ceres

During this time, you may feel more intuitively driven to nurture others.

Your emotions are deeply connected to those around you and you are more sensitively attuned to others’ needs. During this time, your vulnerable and sensitive side emerges and you may try to mother everyone around you.

This is an ideal time to tend to your family and loved ones. It’s an ideal time to encourage those you love and nurture their emotional needs. You may tend to your household and family related goals and may act as a surrogate caretaker to those around you.

You may feel compelled to open your home to others during this time as well. Your sense of empathy is heightened now as well.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Ceres

You may have greater empathy and compassion now and easily share your emotional nurturing with others now.

You are nurturing and share your love easily by acting as a caretaker for those around you. You may be more concerned with home and family during this time.

You may need to be more attentive to your emotional connection to others now. Your compassion and soft, vulnerable side easily help to nurture the emotional needs of those around you.

This is a good time to openly share your love and give support to family and others you care about.

Transiting Moon square natal Ceres

This is a challenging time for you to try to show your vulnerability and emotional side.

You may try to nurture and care for others but your intentions are misunderstood. You may also struggle to show compassion and nurturing without coming across as smothering or controlling.

This is an important time to slow down and carefully think through your desires to be a caretaker and helper. Your best intentions may backfire now. Work on showing your compassion and nurturing side while also finding motivation and encouragement from conflicts rather than building resentments.

Transiting Moon trine natal Ceres

You may have a much easier time connecting with others emotionally now.

It will be easy for you to show others you care and you may be called on to act as a mother figure or nurturing figure to others. Rather than feeling drained by this, you’ll feel uplifted and fulfilled by taking on a more nurturing and caretaking role with those around you.

You may need to be more intuitively aware of other people’s feelings and emotional needs, but this awareness will also come easily to you during this time.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Ceres

This is an important time for gaining deeper integration and emotional maturity so that you can embrace your nurturing qualities.

You may feel compelled to hide from your nurturing side or feel overwhelmed by being placed in a care giving role. Old issues with your mother or mother figure in your life may emerge and need to be addressed.

This can dredge up old wounds and difficult feelings pertaining to nurturing and caretaking. You may avoid dealing with your own emotional needs until the pendulum swings to the opposite extreme and then you will need to tend to your emotional side.

You may also need to find balance between your practical and emotional needs now. Tension and challenges can emerge now that force you to face discrepancies between your emotional needs and your obligations to others.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Ceres

This is a challenging time that offers you opportunities to make peace with your intuitive and compassionate nature. You will need to make adjustments to become more receptive to emotion and vulnerability.

You may feel uncomfortable expressing love and compassion so instead you may go to extremes to hide and then to show your caretaking and compassionate side.

As a result it may seem like you are vacillating from one extreme to the next. But you can eventually find your deeper emotional and intuitive connection to others now.

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