Transiting Mercury on natal Ceres

    By 12andus

    Mercury-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Ceres

    During this time you’ll be able to express your compassion and love through your words.

    You may show your compassion and nurturing style through sharing ideas and speaking with more empathy and tenderness than usual.

    Your nurturing side may be awakened and you may be more mindful of other’s comfort needs. You may feel compelled to express your love through inspiring others and by helping others. Bringing out the best potential in others makes you feel empowered and nurtured now.

    You may be more easily able to express your love and empathy for those you care about and will have no problem speaking your mind in ways that uplift and inspire those around you.

    You may have ideas and plans that help to nurture and care for others during this time.

    Transiting Mercury sextile natal Ceres

    During this time you may feel more at ease expressing your intuitive and compassionate side.

    You easily express your caring and compassionate energy toward those around you. Your words, spoken or written, may help ease others and provide emotional comfort.

    You may feel like a confidant or unofficial therapist during this time.

    You’ll have opportunities to create harmony and healing through your words and through sharing your ideas with others. Your words may inspire others and help those around you find greater fulfillment.

    Transiting Mercury square natal Ceres

    You may find that your words don’t come out as you intended.

    When you try to de-escalate tense situations your meaning may get lost. Your attempts to show your compassionate and caring energy may be misconstrued by others as being controlling or condescending. You may have to work harder to align your attitude and words with your intention to be compassionate and nurturing during this time.

    You will need to learn to adjust your attitude and mind set so that you can share your nurturing instincts and compassionate nature.

    Transiting Mercury trine natal Ceres

    You may want to express your attitudes and ideas and show your nurturing side to others during this time. You’ll have plenty of opportunity and will excel in caring for others.

    Your nurturing style will be more intellectual now. You won’t smother other people with emotion. Instead you’ll try to educate and inspire other people to live up to their full potential and find deeper fulfillment.

    During this time it will be easy for you to show your compassionate and nurturing side through your words and message. You may feel like you’ve been put in the role of playing therapist or nurturing mentor to those around you.

    Transiting Mercury opposite natal Ceres

    During this time your words and intentions may be out of alignment. You may try to show compassion and nurturing and instead your words come out sounding controlling or manipulative.

    You may have to work through your own insecurities or reconcile deeper fears and struggles to get to a point of being able to make your compassionate and nurturing energy felt.

    During this time, old issues and wounds related to early experiences with nurturers and caregivers may come back to the surface. You’ll have to learn to take a new perspective in order to make peace with and integrate your nurturing side.

    In the mean time it is best to choose your words carefully and be sure your true compassionate intentions carry through in your message.

    Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Ceres

    This is an important time to adjust your ideas and attitude so your mindset is reflected in your attempts to nurture others.

    Your intentions to be a caretaker to others may be off kilter now. You’ll have to work to overcome your inhibitions and insecurities about being emotionally connected to others.

    Your need to be vulnerable and show your compassionate side will force you to contend with your fears about being open to deeper emotional connection with others.

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