Transiting Venus on natal Ceres

    By 12andus

    Venus-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Venus conjunct natal Ceres

    This is an ideal time to convey both romantic and nurturing styles of love.

    You may feel more compassionately connected to a partner or to family during this time. You can easily express your nurturing energy through creativity. You easily make others feel secure and loved during this time.

    You may use your financial abundance to care for others and help others find healthy food and resources to make them feel secure. You may also try to express your love in general during this time by sharing gifts or helping those you love financially.

    You may find it easier to help others feel secure, loved and cared for. You may also find your power to nurture others by helping others see their inner beauty during this time.

    Transiting Venus sextile natal Ceres

    During this time you may feel optimistic about being loving and protective as you show nurturing to others.

    It may be easier for you to show you care by doing things for others like making your loved ones feel more comfortable. You may even want to show your love through financially helping others or giving gifts.

    During this time you may want to cook or bake for those you love or invite people you care about over for a healthy meal. You may also feel like helping your loved ones to achieve their financial goals or being a provider when it comes to practical matters.

    Transiting Venus square natal Ceres

    During this time you may feel compelled to show your love and nurturing for others. Yet your intentions may be misread.

    Your attempts to show love and nurturing may come across as controlling or possessive. This will be especially likely if you try to help others financially or use gifts or money to show you care about others.

    Your intentions may be good however you may come across as giving gifts with strings attached. Your instincts to be caring and helpful may come across as smothering or prompted by jealousy now.

    Transiting Venus trine natal Ceres

    You will have an easier time than usual showing your affection and nurturing energy during this time.

    This is a powerful time to nurture and care for others, showing your love through helping others create abundance and find security. You can easily help others feel loved and valued.

    You may invest financially in your loved ones during this time and may also find ways to nurture others in tangible ways, either by feeding them or providing physical comforts and luxuries to those you care about.

    Transiting Venus opposite natal Ceres

    During this time, your desire to show your nurturing and caring style may be stymied by insecurities.

    You will have to work through fears and insecurities in order to make your love and nurturing for others known during this time. You may have good intentions to show your love, however your actions may come across as controlling or possessive.

    You may have to work through jealousy or materialistic tendencies in order to express your love and compassion for others. You may have to overcome fears of being rejected and work through the impulse to be a caretaker to avoid being abandoned by others, so that you can more genuinely show your love for others.

    When you work through these deeper fears, you’ll be able to make your love and nurturing clear to those you care about.

    Transiting Venus quincunx natal Ceres

    During this time, you will have to work through your insecurities and fears in order to come to terms with your desires and responsibilities in relationships.

    You may want to make others comfortable and secure but also wonder about whether you can try to nurture others with an agenda to avoid abandonment. You may have to sort out genuine nurturing from control and manipulation.

    You will have the opportunity to face conflicts that can help you be more clear about showing your love and compassion for others during this time.

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