Transiting Jupiter on natal Ceres

By 12andus

Jupiter-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Ceres

During this time you may have an amplified desire to nurture others on a grand scale.

You may go all out to show those around you that you love them and to make others feel right at home. Your parental and caring instincts may be blown out of proportion but this will feel encouraging rather than smothering.

Share your abundance and generosity with others during this time, your good intentions will be clearly known and felt. You’ll also be able to help uplift and empower those around you.

You may have opportunities to nurture the philosophical beliefs of those you love or to encourage others to further their education, explore new places or develop a stronger sense of idealism and conviction.

Transiting Jupiter sextile natal Ceres

During this time, your ideals and beliefs are a vehicle for delivering love, compassion and empathy.

You can easily nurture others now and your ideas and spiritual principles lead you to share your wealth and abundance generously with those in need.

This is an ideal time to show your compassion and optimism in an effort to make others feel at home and become more comfortable and confident. You may also be drawn to grandiose acts of nurturing and compassion to share your love with others.

Transiting Jupiter square natal Ceres

Your desire to nurture others may be slightly out of alignment with your ideals and beliefs now.

You may have to work through some friction in order to convey your love and compassion for others. A catalyst that brings tension can also lead to opportunities to let others know how you feel and show your affection and love for those around you.

Though you may have to put in extra effort, you will be able to show your compassionate and nurturing energy on a broad scale now.

Transiting Jupiter trine natal Ceres

With very little effort, you can extend your generosity and abundance to those who need it now.

This is an ideal time to let your philosophical beliefs and convictions help you uplift and empower others. You may feel easily able to nurture and show compassion to those around you now.

This is a great time to use your influence and platform to create nurturing, security, optimism and opportunities for those you care about. You may feel especially lucky now but it is important to share your wealth with those you care about.

Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Ceres

This is an important time to face your own insecurities and fears so that you can promote and support those you care about.

If you are stymied by your need for pleasure or optimism, you may miss the opportunity to really hear what others need from you. You may not be fully facing the realities of those around you because of your desire to enjoy life’s pleasures.

You may also try in vain to uplift and empower others without first really taking the time to understand the nature of their situation. Try to balance your desire for joy and optimism with your need to really show compassion and love to others during this time. Be willing to see where your ideals don’t quite fit the situation at hand and be flexible.

Transiting Jupiter quincunx natal Ceres

You will have to overcome some fears and insecurities in order to express your nurturing power to the fullest capacity.

This is a difficult time for you as you may want to be nurturing and supportive but also don’t know exactly how much is too much. You may go overboard trying to be helpful or become too emotionally detached and focused on ideals.

Try to work through your own discomfort first and then be open to sharing your love, nurturing and abundance with others now.

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