Transiting Uranus on natal Ceres

    By 12andus

    Uranus-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Ceres

    This is an important time to express your unique, creative and innovative energy in the effort to nurture and care for others.

    You may be drawn to the underdog or to people who are progressive and rebellious. You may become like a nurturing figure in a zealous group or movement, helping others to express their desires for freedom.

    This is an important time to break away from restrictions and show others you care. Doing so will help your loved ones create dramatic and much needed changes in their lives.

    Transiting Uranus sextile natal Ceres

    You have an easy time getting out of your comfort zone and challenging the status quo so you can express your love for others.

    Though your love may come across as more intellectual or idealistic than emotional, during this time you can be a positive force for change as you nurture your loved ones. You may encourage those you love to follow their unconventional wisdom.

    You may be seen as eccentric or unorthodox in your approach to nurturing and encouraging those you care about but your creativity and intuition are leading you in the right direction now.

    Transiting Uranus square natal Ceres

    You may feel an erratic drive to express your love and nurturing for others now.

    Your unique style of showing you care may come across as just missing the mark at first. This is a good time to let conflict be a catalyst to help others see that you care about them.

    You may have to work through hesitation or insecurities in order to make breakthroughs to care for your own deeper emotional needs and to nurture your loved ones.

    Transiting Uranus trine natal Ceres

    You have a much easier time being true to your independent, unique and unorthodox style while showing others you care now. This is an ideal time to express your love and nurturing energy for others.

    You find easy ways to break down barriers to show your love and compassion to others. With your nurturing and guidance, your loved ones can also experience powerful breakthroughs and make important changes now.

    Transiting Uranus opposite natal Ceres

    During this time your desire to follow your intuitive instincts may run counter to your desire to show your love and affection to others.

    You may have to face insecurities or fears about losing your independence or being contained or limited as you try to help and uplift others.

    You may also try to show your care and nurturing energy only to unintentionally create tension and conflict with the people you love. Lessons about the balance between your desire for independence and innovation and your desire for nurturing and love are going to come up during this time.

    If you can recognize your needs and intuition, you will be better able to encourage your loved ones who need to make dramatic change. You may also feel compelled to make dramatic breakthroughs and release relationships that don’t nurture you.

    Transiting Uranus quincunx natal Ceres

    During this time you may feel like your sense of independence and desire for nurturing or to show love to others is out of balance.

    You are compelled to make dramatic changes but if you don’t face deeper lessons about your intuition and desire to nurture others, you may end up vacillating back and forth before finally becoming settled and feeling confident showing your intuitive and nurturing style.

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