Transiting Neptune on natal Ceres

By 12andus

Neptune-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Ceres

During this time you may feel more emotional and intuitive as you try to nurture others.

You may feel compelled to heal those around you and may even seek out or feel attracted to people who are deeply emotionally wounded. Your nurturing energy is reassuring and soothing to those you are connected to.

During this time you will also feel the need to nurture yourself on a much deeper level. Seeking spiritual connection through mystical themed classes, meditation, yoga or other practices that help you alter your consciousness will be a source of nurturing now.

You may intuitively know who needs you and how to soothe the emotions of others in your life now. You may also feel emotionally and intuitively led to make more compassionate decisions for yourself.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Ceres

This is an important time to trust your intuition. You will be lead to decisions that are deeply nurturing and healing.

You will easily be able to nurture your own deeper emotional needs now and will also be more in tune with the emotional needs of those around you during this time.

You may feel greater compassion and empathy for others during this time and will easily convey your love and concern without seeming overwhelming. This is an important time to show your creativity and vulnerability in relationships with others.

Transiting Neptune square natal Ceres

This is a challenging time for you to show your vulnerability and compassion.

You may want to be nurturing and caring to those you love, but you’ll need to work through insecurities and challenges to let your deeper instincts and emotional connection come across clearly.

During this time you will feel intuitively compelled to show your love for others but barriers may stand in the way. Try to use the conflicts as catalysts to be clear and assertive about your need for nurturing and your love for others.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Ceres

During this time you may feel completely emotionally fluid and transparent. This leads you to more easily express your nurturing instincts.

Your intuition is heightened, and you instinctively know how to make others feel loved and cared for. You may also may feel drawn to act on your own intuition and connect more deeply to your own spirituality.

Meditation, chanting, drumming, ceremony or other practices that help you to alter your consciousness can lead you to become more deeply nurtured and fulfilled now.

Transiting Neptune opposite natal Ceres

You may have a deeper desire to show your compassion and love with others now but insecurities hold you back.

You may have to work harder to sort intuition from wishful thinking. If you aren’t careful you may misinterpret the emotions or cues from others. You may also end up overwhelming others with your emotion and unintentionally pushing others away.

Your love and empathy for others may not be received by others in the way you intended. If you are careful to not act needy or smother your loved ones, you will be able to show your nurturing side and remain grounded.

Avoid going to extremes of codependency because of fears of abandonment or alienation now. This is an important time to sort through your emotions and get clear on how you need nurturing.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Ceres

Your desire to be vulnerable and nurtured can lead you to make poor judgment calls.

It may take some vacillating back and forth before you find the right level of security and can show your love for others from a more grounded place, rather than acting on the fear of abandonment.

Be careful to not give in to illusions and wishful thinking during this time. Show others you love them through your compassionate, empathic side. You may feel compelled to rescue emotionally wounded people but too much of a savior complex can work against your own stability now.

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