Transiting Ceres on natal Mercury

    By 12andus

    Mercury-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Ceres conjunct natal Mercury

    During this time your nurturing impulses are conveyed through your communication style.

    You may write and speak to others in a more caring and nurturing way. You may also have an easier time expressing your love and compassion verbally.

    Your mindset and attitude will be influenced by your desire for security and to care for those around you. You may be more focused on others’ practical needs.

    This is a good time to learn about and research ways to nurture your own emotional needs. You may find reassurance and fulfillment from learning new things or from the words or ideas of others.

    This is a good time to plan and talk about creating more comfort in your home or making changes that make you feel more comfortable at home.

    Transiting Ceres sextile natal Mercury

    During this time you more easily convey your compassion and empathy to others.

    You easily express your love and compassion to those around you. You can also be more nurturing and inspiring to others, helping those you love to see their true potential.

    This is an important time to write and speak with greater compassion and empathy. You may be more concerned with expressing your nurturing energy through your communication with others. You may be more mindful of others’ emotional needs now as well.

    Transiting Ceres square natal Mercury

    Your desire to nurture others is out of alignment with your plans during this time.

    You may have to work around some conflicts between your emotional needs and your attitude and mindset now. When you do, you’ll find motivation to express your love and compassion toward others.

    You may face stumbling blocks to feeling emotionally fulfilled during this time and will have to work to articulate what you need and express your desires now. You will have to work to get your message across but when you do, others will see your nurturing and loving side.

    Transiting Ceres trine natal Mercury

    During this time it is easier than usual for you to express your nurturing side through your kind words to others.

    You may be compelled to use your platform to express empathy and nurturing through spoken or written words of love.

    You may also come into contact with nurturing mentors who help you advance in school or learning new things or who help you develop your writing abilities.

    This is a great time to use tools like writing or journaling to help express your deeper emotions. You may find much satisfaction and fulfillment in studies, reading, writing or teaching others during this time.

    Transiting Ceres opposite natal Mercury

    During this time, your nurturing tendencies run counter to your ideas.

    You may have to sort through deeper fears and insecurities to get your message across in a loving and supportive way. You may want to be nurturing toward others yet this leaves you struggling to speak up for yourself and set boundaries.

    You will have to put extra effort into aligning your ideas and plans with your deeper emotional needs now. Once you do, you’ll be able to balance your rational side with your desire to feel emotionally secure and to nurture others.

    If you aren’t mindful of the balance between these two needs, you may become unnecessarily insecure and shut down your own emotional side, focusing only on rationality and then vacillating back to letting your emotional needs take over and acting with poor judgment.

    Transiting Ceres quincunx natal Mercury

    This is an important time to nurture your ideas and plans.

    You may feel insecure or lack confidence when it comes to some ideas you have. A writing project, class or message you want to share with others may not seem important or you may have to coax yourself into being open about your ideas and plans during this time.

    Working through fears and insecurities can give you the confidence to nurture your intellectual and creative projects and make your message to others clear. This is a good time to get comfortable conveying your nurturing and empathy to others as well.

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