Transiting Ceres on natal Jupiter

    By 12andus

    Jupiter-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Ceres conjunct natal Jupiter

    During this time your nurturing energy is heightened and expanded.

    You may feel more inclined to nurture your ideals and beliefs and to nurture the ideals of others. This is a good time to expand your repertoire and find new and eclectic ways to comfort and pamper yourself.

    During this time you may dream bigger than before and your desire to nurture growth and expansion is strengthened. You may also try to act as a caregiver for others by sharing your influence and empowering those around you now.

    During this time you may feel greater enthusiasm from others and find the emotional security, comfort and support you need to achieve your bigger dreams. When it comes to getting your emotional needs met, you may feel lucky during this time as others are encouraging and comforting.

    Transiting Ceres sextile natal Jupiter

    During this time you easily express your nurturing and loving energy to those around you.

    You are also able to effectively nurture your beliefs and ideals. You find all the support you need to overcome challenges and accomplish your bigger dreams now.

    This is an ideal time to try to pamper yourself and enjoy pleasures that replenish and rejuvenate your sense of purpose and mission. You may have extra enthusiasm and energy to share with those you love now as well.

    Transiting Ceres square natal Jupiter

    During this time your nurturing capabilities are in conflict with your ideals.

    You may have to adjust your expectations or find a new approach so you can overcome obstacles and convey your benevolent and generous gifts with others.

    You may have to redirect your energies in order to be the caring, generous, optimistic leader that you want to be. You can be a positive influence on others and may also be more receptive to nurturing and love from others now.

    Transiting Ceres trine natal Jupiter

    During this time, your nurturing energy is easily conveyed to others. You may have all the support you need to expand and nurture your bigger dreams as well.

    During this time you have the ability to gain the support and love you need and you may explore your own deeper pleasures and desires. You are likely to feel emotionally stable and satisfied, even feeling an abundance of love and generosity.

    You may also be called to nurture and inspire others, helping to empower others.

    Transiting Ceres opposite natal Jupiter

    During this time, you are likely to face a challenge that forces you to seek nurturing and abundance but your ideals and beliefs may run counter to what you need.

    You may need to overcome obstacles to aligning your ideals and beliefs with your desire to nurture others. You may have some illusions about how successful you can be without backing your ideas with measures to nurture and fulfill your goals.

    You need to reconcile these fears and insecurities so that you aren’t being too grandiose. If you over estimate yourself now, you may miss out on necessary things that can promote your success and make you feel fulfilled.

    This is an important time to balance your nurturing capabilities with your beliefs and ideals.

    Transiting Ceres quincunx natal Jupiter

    During this time you may feel compelled to go to extreme measures to find nurturing.

    You may become fanatic about seeking pleasure or trying to show your affection and love for others. It will take greater practice now to become more confident in yourself as a leader. You will need to blend your idealism with your nurturing energy.

    As you vacillate between these extremes, you may be too grandiose or idealistic or may underestimate yourself. Eventually you will learn how to strike a good balance in order to nurture yourself and others.

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