Transiting Ceres on natal Saturn

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    Saturn-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Ceres conjunct natal Saturn

    During this time your nurturing instincts are put to work to help you create stability and security.

    Your desire for nurturing and fulfillment are linked to your minimalist side. You aren’t out to pamper yourself now. Instead your focus is to get to the bare bones and to take care of your basic needs and the fundamental needs of others.

    You may have the opportunity to nurture your career or financial stability now. You may also feel compelled to try to help others secure their career and finances now.

    Though you will be nurturing and compassionate toward others now, you may feel more focused on your sense of obligation and responsibility rather than your warmer affectionate tendencies.

    Transiting Ceres sextile natal Saturn

    During this time you will easily show your nurturing and caring energy to help others create a more solid foundation.

    Your desire for fulfillment can lead you to be more disciplined and to help others set a firm foundation for career, health and finances as well.

    You may have a minimalist approach to showing affection and love during this time but you will make your efforts count. Your nurturing style will be more objective and practical during this time.

    Transiting Ceres square natal Saturn

    Your nurturing style is at odds with your desire to care for the basic needs of those around you.

    You may need to take a stoic and minimalist approach to showing your love and support for those around you. You may find greater motivation to step up to your responsibilities and fulfill your obligations to others now.

    You may also use this time to overcome insecurities around your finances, career and other aspects of your life that need additional attention and care. You may have to work through conflicts in order to nurture your stability and success now.

    Transiting Ceres trine natal Saturn

    During this time your natural instincts to nurture and care for others take on a more practical turn.

    You may find it much easier to fulfill your obligations to others during this time. Even if you are encouraging and caring through your stoic and disciplined style, others will appreciate your honesty and support.

    You won’t have to be overly passionate or affectionate to get your message of love and support across to others now. Your neutral style and objectivity will help you as a caregiver and nurturer now.

    Transiting Ceres opposite natal Saturn

    During this time you may have to face deeper lessons and challenges between your desire for nurturing and fulfillment and your sense of duty and obligation.

    You may feel pulled in two directions. Both wanting to nurture your emotional needs and also focus on the mundane details of your work. Where you usually feel the need to use work and finances to make you feel secure, you may now start to feel this is insufficient.

    You may have to work harder to strike a balance between your deeper emotional needs and your practical needs now. During this time you can come to find practical ways to nurture your emotional needs without sacrificing your comfort but also without going too far into opulence and luxury.

    Transiting Ceres quincunx natal Saturn

    During this time you will need to overcome insecurities about your sense of responsibility and duties to care for others.

    You may have to overcome patterns of neglecting your own self care as well as obstacles to expressing your nurturing style with others. When you find the balance between these two areas of your life, you are likely to find greater comfort expressing your nurturing energy.

    You may use your caretaking and loving nature to help yourself or others succeed in work and financial matters.

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