Transiting Ceres on natal Uranus

By 12andus

Uranus-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Ceres conjunct natal Uranus

Transiting Ceres conjunct natal Uranus

During this time your nurturing style takes on shocking and unusual forms.

You may surprise your loved ones by nurturing their eccentric or unorthodox tendencies. You may also be much more accepting and tolerant toward people from radically different backgrounds or with very different world views.

This is a good time to nurture yourself in unusual ways. Treat yourself to classes or workshops that delve into the occult and unknown. Even indulging in some conspiracy theories or learning about science, society and progressive topics will seem nurturing and fulfilling to you now.

You may have the chance to emotionally support and encourage a group effort to bring needed change to your community now as well. Be true to yourself and your independent instincts as you discover what fulfills you.

Transiting Ceres sextile natal Uranus

During this time you find it easy to nurture your love of excitement and change.

It will be no problem at all for you to find fulfillment by exploring your eccentric and unusual interests. Even when you break all the rules, others will feel inspired and encouraged by you.

During this time you may also nurture and encourage those around you who need to make dramatic changes in their lives. A major breakthrough in your own life is approached with love and compassion and this helps you to let go and be open to new opportunities.

Transiting Ceres square natal Uranus

During this time your desire for freedom and breakthroughs that help you advance need some attention in order to materialize.

You may have a longing for dramatic change and progress but feel stuck in your comfort zone. With effort and a change in approach or perspective, you’ll be able to work through this challenge.

You’ll be able to address your need for change or approach your big breakthrough with a sense of fulfillment and emotional security.

You may also have a chance to nurture those around you and encourage them to embrace dramatic change and sudden breakthroughs as well now.

Transiting Ceres trine natal Uranus

During this time it is easy to embrace sudden change and unusual interests.

You may end up nurturing your own dramatic breakthroughs or helping others to feel secure as they make sudden changes in their lives without much effort.

Your compassion and caring nature helps others find encouragement to make transitions. Even if your approach is more shocking and unorthodox now, you will be able to show your love and concern for others.

Your tolerance and love of the underdog is also prevalent now and this helps you to show others you care. Your nurturing style becomes more individualistic and you intuitively know what others need to move forward.

Transiting Ceres opposite natal Uranus

During this time your sense of comfort and security may seem to hold you back from making dramatic changes.

You may want to make sudden changes to home, relationships or other sources of emotional security, but feel inhibited by your desire to be a caregiver or to feel emotionally connected to others.

Through careful introspection and work on your fears and insecurities, you will be able to overcome your attachments and embrace dramatic change.

You’ll be able to focus your energy on beneficial breakthroughs and nurture much needed transitions now. This is an important time to try to foster breakthroughs and overcome limitations.

Bring your desire for security into balance with willingness to make needed changes and embrace epiphanies and breakthroughs now.

Transiting Ceres quincunx natal Uranus

During this time you may feel awkward about pursuing breakthroughs and needed change.

You may hesitate to trust your instincts because of emotional attachment to others or to a sense of home. Though you feel insecure about showing your nurturing side, you may be called to help others.

You will have to work through your fears and lack of confidence in your ability to nurture those on the brink of making progressive changes and find ways to nurture yourself as you work through dramatic changes as well.

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