Transiting Ceres on natal Neptune

    By 12andus

    Neptune-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Ceres conjunct natal Neptune

    During this time you feel deeply emotionally connected to others and easily nurture the spiritual connection with those around you.

    You may be intuitively connected to others now. It is also an ideal time for you to nurture your own intuitive and spiritual connection. During this time you may feel a deep sense of who among your loved ones needs the most support.

    You can nurture your creative or artistic talents as well as further developing your mystical gifts and spiritual practices.

    When it comes to your relationships with others, you may attract people who have deep wounds that need nurturing as they embrace their healing process. Your need for emotional security can lead you to pursue deeper healing of your own as well as taking on a more involved spiritual study or practice during this time.

    Transiting Ceres sextile natal Neptune

    During this you’re your desire for comfort and nurturing are connected to your spiritual growth and healing.

    You may nurture your mystical side and find new ways to pursue your spiritual growth during this time. You may have the opportunity to help nurture those who need emotional healing and your artistic, creative and romantic side are further developed now. You easily show your love and compassion for all people during this time.

    This is a great time to heal emotional wounds and form deeper connections with your loved ones.

    Transiting Ceres square natal Neptune

    During this time you are in a good position to make deeper emotional changes that can bring greater nurturing and healing.

    During this time you may have difficulty aligning your spiritual goals with your need for emotional security and nurturing.

    This is an ideal time to work through misunderstandings and clarify your intuition as opposed to wishful thinking. You may have to deal with limitations and obstacles as you strive for your ideals.

    When you overcome your insecurities and fears, however, you will be more motivated to show your love and compassion for others.

    Transiting Ceres trine natal Neptune

    Your nurturing side easily comes to the forefront. Your spiritual and mystical nature are a source of comfort and healing for others.

    You may also find deep emotional healing and nurturing by investing in your spiritual and mystical nature. Meditation, ritual, and other spiritual practices are a source of emotional fulfillment.

    You may also find it helpful to foster your intuitive and spiritual development now. Your creativity and artistic skills will also be strengthened easily during this time. Your unconditional love and acceptance of others is evident now.

    Transiting Ceres opposite natal Neptune

    During this time your desire for nurturing and emotional stability is out of alignment with your spiritual ideals and compassionate nature.

    You may want to show your love and compassion for others but feel hesitant because you also want to stay in your comfort zone. You may feel like you have to choose between your emotional fulfillment and deeper emotional healing.

    You may also want to feel nurtured by others but will need to be realistic about your limitations and responsibilities to others. If you keep a balance between your own need for emotional fulfillment and your desire to show compassion and deep emotional healing for others, you will be able to show your love and healing energy while also caring for your own needs.

    Transiting Ceres quincunx natal Neptune

    During this time your desire for nurturing and emotional security is out of alignment with your spiritual ideals and compassionate nature. You may need to deal with your deeper emotional needs in order to show your compassion and love for others without limitation.

    Facing your fears and insecurities can allow you to feel more secure in yourself, otherwise you are likely to act out of fear of abandonment and hinder your own nurturing as a result.

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