Transiting Ceres on natal Chiron

    By 12andus

    Chiron-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Ceres conjunct natal Chiron

    During this time you may feel greater compassion for those whose wounds match your own.

    You may go to great lengths to care for those around you. Doing so is not only supportive for them but also deeply healing for you. Your intuition and special wisdom lead you to understand the pain and wounds of others.

    Even if you are not fully comfortable healing your own wounds, you’ll put your energy and focus into working to help others heal their deeper wounds and past traumas now.

    You may find deep nurturing and emotional fulfillment by acting as a counselor or caretaker for others. This is an important time to pay attention to your past wounds and how they influence your affection toward others and your nurturing style.

    Transiting Ceres sextile natal Chiron

    During this time your desire for nurturing and healing go hand in hand.

    This is an important time to really delve in to your deeper past wounds and nurture yourself so that you can stand up for those who are trying to overcome their past wounds.

    Your past traumas may propel you to nurture yourself and others now. You may have to step back and revisit your past wounds. Fulfilling your own emotional needs can be healing and rejuvenating now.

    During this time it is likely that you may overcome past wounds by caretaking others and paying closer attention to your own emotional needs. You may have to be more attentive to others’ emotions now as well. Patience with those who are still facing wounds you’ve healed is essential now.

    Transiting Ceres square natal Chiron

    During this time your desire to find deeper healing and compassion is offset by insecurities.

    You may need to try harder to address your past emotional wounds and traumas now. This is an important time to take stock of your need for deeper nurturing.

    You may also be compelled to stand up for others as a nurturer and role model. You may have to show your compassionate side in different ways now. Your typical approach to showing empathy and love may not be as effective.

    Working through difficulties and changing your tactic will help you find motivation and succeed in showing your compassion will help you work through misunderstandings.

    Transiting Ceres trine natal Chiron

    During this time you have the opportunity to revisit your emotional needs.

    You will easily find fulfillment and emotional nurturing so that you can heal your past wounds and address past traumas now. During this time you also have a unique perspective as your intuition propels you to address past issues.

    You may also be intuitively drawn to those who have experienced wounds that up are familiar with. During this time you can use your unique wisdom and intuition to connect with others who need your perspective and support.

    You may be able to serve as a healer and guide for others during this time as well. Your sense of connection to others who are walking a path you are familiar with can help you nurture those around you.

    Transiting Ceres opposite natal Chiron

    During this time you may feel like you have to choose between your deeper emotional needs and the traumas and past wounds you still need to heal from.

    You may have to balance your own need for self care with your desire to care for others and nurture those around you. By facing your fears and insecurities, a path will be cleared so you can follow your healing instincts.

    You may have to deal with past wounds and resolve deeper traumas from your past so that you will be able to show your love and compassion without acting on fear of abandonment or the desire to control others.

    This can be a crucial time for integration and healing if you are willing to face your true intentions as a nurturer and healer. You may have to work to balance your caretaking instincts.

    Transiting Ceres quincunx natal Chiron

    During this time you may have an awkward sense of insecurity and shy away from caretaking and nurturing others.

    You may feel out of alignment because of past traumas that haven’t been resolved. Your insecurities and fears may lead you to downplay your strengths. Even worse, you may try to overdo it and come across as needy or demanding.

    With practice, this time can offer opportunities for you to gain greater confidence in your role as a nurturer and healer. You may have to go back and forth between extremes now but you will have the chance to rise to greater stability when it comes to your own emotional needs. Nurturing yourself can enable you to become a role model and healer for those around you.

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