Transiting Ceres on natal Ceres

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    Ceres-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Ceres conjunct natal Ceres

    During this time your desire for nurturing and comfort is enhanced. You don’t have to try, your presence will naturally comfort others.

    During this time you may nurture the loving and compassionate side within others. Your empathy and understanding of others is heightened. You may have to come to terms with your emotional needs and dig deeper to start fulfilling your deeper desires.

    You may take on a role as a caretaker and compassionate nurturer. Whether you are dealing with your family or your colleagues, you will show love and compassion to those you encounter.

    Transiting Ceres sextile natal Ceres

    During this time you easily show your love and compassion.

    You don’t have to try hard to help others feel nurtured and emotionally fulfilled. You are able to bring people together and make others feel at home.

    You may be attracted to others who remind you of home and family as well. This is a good time to try to focus on creating a sense of security and belonging in your home and family relationships.

    You can show your love and nurturing energy without being overwhelming or overbearing toward others now and your love and compassion is felt clearly during this time.

    Transiting Ceres square natal Ceres

    During this time your ability to nurture and love others is challenged.

    You may have to work harder to nurture yourself before you can show your compassion and empathy toward others. You may have to work through difficulties and challenges so that you can feel more emotionally fulfilled.

    This is an important time to find the motivation and willpower to show your compassion and love for others now. You may be more patient and soothing rather than taking conflicts personally and backing down from a challenge.

    Transiting Ceres trine natal Ceres

    This is an easy time to show your love and affection for others. Without even trying to, you easily pour your love and affection generously out toward others.

    You have an easy time letting others know you love and care about them. You bring abundance and comfort to others during this time. You may easily help those you love feel right at home.

    You also are easily able to nurture your own emotional needs now and find fulfillment and comfort. During this time you may experience lucky breaks and opportunities to fulfill your emotional needs and share your love with others.

    Transiting Ceres opposite natal Ceres

    During this time you may feel friction between your need for self care and your desire to nurture others.

    You will have to face off with your insecurities and fears. You may feel uprooted from your sense of home and disconnected from family. Family conflicts or conflicts originating from your connection to loved ones can surface now.

    This is an important time to try to reconcile your fears and insecurities related to abandonment issues and nurturing. When you face these issues you’ll be better able to express your compassion and empathy for others.

    You need to incorporate both self love and self care in balance with your love and nurturing for others. During this time you can create this balance and find greater fulfillment.

    Transiting Ceres quincunx natal Ceres

    During this time your sense of nurturing and desire for emotional security may lead you to overcompensate.

    You may work too hard to make friends or try too hard to not be abandoned by others. You will need to reconcile your insecurities and fears about being worthy enough without having to measure your worth based on what you can do to make others feel comfortable.

    You may have to struggle through fears and doubts to find ways to fulfill your emotional needs and feel secure. You can come to feel more at home but it will be a struggle at first.

    You will be able to develop the strength and confidence to show your nurturing and compassionate side during this time.

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