Transiting Ceres on natal Ascendant


Ceres-AC-Harm.jpg Transiting Ceres conjunct natal Ascendant

During this time you easily show your loving and nurturing side.

You may be open and transparent about your feelings. You know how to convey your love and generosity without even trying. You can easily show your love and compassion for others without even trying.

You may be perceived by others as being a homebody or appearing nurturing or maternal. You may remind others of their family or early caretakers and this has a favorable effect on your relationships.

During this time your compassion and empathy shows in your appearance and your body language. You may be more openly affectionate with others during this time as well. You easily wear your heart on your sleeve at this time and others easily trust you and feel nurtured by you.

Transiting Ceres sextile natal Ascendant

During this time, you more easily reveal your compassionate and caring nature.

You are more openly nurturing and may remind others of home and family. It’s easy for others to trust you now.

Your appearance takes on a more gentle tone now and others may randomly open up to you, seeing you as someone who is a confidant and trusted friend. You may also make your own self nurturing and compassion a higher priority now.

Though you have no problem getting your needs met, you also don’t have to dominate others in order to find emotional satisfaction and fulfilment.

Transiting Ceres square natal Ascendant

You may feel like your desire for nurturing or ability to show compassion for others is out of alignment with your appearance and body language.

During this time you may alter your tone or appearance in some way to accommodate your deeper emotional needs or to make your sensitivity and compassion known to others.

You may find deeper motivation to express your compassionate and nurturing side. Rather than backing down from a challenge, you may instead make outward and obvious commitments to connecting with people who challenge you.

Transiting Ceres trine natal Ascendant

During this time you easily show your compassion and nurturing energy to others.

Not only do you walk your talk, but you also find it easier than usual to convey your nurturing and loving nature through your outward appearance and body language. You may express your affection more easily now.

Others look to you as a nurturer and may feel at home with you. You may also be more direct about your needs. During this time you easily make self care a priority and may have opportunities to focus on deepening your compassion and love for yourself, making nurturing for yourself a priority.

You may become more assertive about your needs and place more emphasis on emotional fulfillment and caring for those around you now.

Transiting Ceres opposite natal Ascendant

During this time your desire to care for others may run counter to your body language and message.

You may have to work to show your compassionate side. Insecurities or fears may lead you to overcompensate when you try to show affection to others. You may also go to the opposite extreme and appear more closed off when in fact you are willing to be helpful and generous with your affection.

You may need to work to get your nurturing and caring side into alignment with your outward appearance and outward personality.

Transiting Ceres quincunx natal Ascendant

During this time you may need to nurture your emotional needs in order to become more confident in your ability to show vulnerability.

If you try to hide or suppress your emotional needs now, you may end up overwhelmed and your emotions pouring out when you didn’t want to lose control.

On the other hand you may also create a stoic exterior that leads others to believe you don’t need the compassion and nurturing that you are actually looking for.

Try to accept your vulnerability and emotional needs and pursue self care as a higher priority now. When it comes to making others happy, don’t overextend yourself to avoid being abandoned.

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