Transiting Ceres on natal Midheaven


Ceres-MC-Harm.jpg Transiting Ceres conjunct natal Midheaven

During this time you can easily nurture your career path. You may have the chance to get involved in a family business.

Likewise, you may treat colleagues as if they were family and have the chance to nurture career growth for others. You may also have the chance to work from home or work with family or people who make you feel right at home.

You may feel very secure with your career and public image and others will seek you out for advice and guidance so they can achieve similar success.

Showing attentive care and kindness to those in your network can benefit you now especially when it comes to reputation and career path. You may be drawn to a career involving care taking, childcare, counseling or helping others find emotional fulfillment.

Transiting Ceres sextile natal Midheaven

During this time you easily convey your nurturing and compassionate style to those in your career and workplace. You may embrace a career path that involves nurturing.

You may be more affectionate or caring toward colleagues. This is a good time to nurture the steps on your career path and find more fulfilling work as you grow professionally.

Business and pressional goals are broadened now thanks to extra loving care and attentiveness that help you tend to the practical needs of establishing yourself.

You may have the abundance and support you need to further develop your career path now as well.

Transiting Ceres square natal Midheaven

During this time you may have to nurture your career through a rocky path.

Though you may face conflicts, these challenges will seem more motivating than discouraging now. You’ll have to work to establish your priorities and nurture what you want to grow and develop.

Though it may take some time, you will be well situated to push for further growth and security in your career. You may have to deal with someone who is not supportive in your work setting. Diplomacy and nurturing will be more helpful than confrontation now.

Transiting Ceres trine natal Midheaven

During this time your ability to nurture others is easily expressed through your career.

You may use your platform to empower and nurture others and help those around you feel at home. Even in a professional capacity, you are able to easily help those around you feel comfortable, as if they are family.

During this time, make business deals and try to advance your career. Your relationships and ability to show compassion and empathy are heightened now.

Transiting Ceres opposite natal Midheaven

During this time you may struggle to show your affection and compassion, favoring business-as-usual approach instead.

The more you balance your personal and emotional needs with your desire to uphold a stoic exterior in your professional life. It is better to be transparent than to try to act as if you have everything under control, yet you may not feel comfortable showing your compassionate, soft side at first.

If you are able to show your human side, people will relate to you more easily and you’ll be able to find greater career stability.

This is an important time to find ways to balance your desire for nurturing and compassion with your desire to remain professional and focus on your business or career growth.

Transiting Ceres quincunx natal Midheaven

During this time you may find it difficult to have faith in your compassionate and nurturing abilities. Your career path and business dealings could benefit from a more personal touch now.

Yet you may find it difficult to have confidence in yourself and struggle to show vulnerability and compassion toward others now. You may try to hide your soft side and just stick to business.

Yet when you are able to show greater nurturing and compassion and soften your boundaries without completely losing your firm side, you will be more successful in your career.

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