Pallas in Leo, Pallas in Virgo, Pallas in Libra, Pallas in Scorpio

pallas.jpg Pallas in Leo

Your style of addressing injustices is creative, flamboyant and often based on your passions.

Though you try to be strategic, you are less likely to use analysis and intellect to fight injustices. Instead, you’ll draw on your creative talents to influence your fight for fairness.

You are a natural leader and may thrive as head of a campaign or battle. In fact you may find it difficult to collaborate with others unless you are leading the charge.

You try to be fair but are also forceful. You may use theater, the arts or music to share the message about injustices and the need for change. You may also use your courageous, confident and assertive nature to stand up for what you believe in.

You take great pride in your sense of morality and may assume that others need to take your viewpoint. It takes effort for you to take the side of those you don’t agree with. It’s easier for you to use humor, creativity and even flamboyance to point out flaws in your opponent’s logic.

You prefer to use dramatic forms of activism or public speaking to make your point when it comes to fighting for what you believe in.

Pallas in Virgo

You can be patient, practical and down to earth when fighting injustices. You need to carefully weigh all the details before you take action.

You may be drawn to campaigns and issues involving healthcare, the environment and protections for communities and work safety issues. You have a strong sense of right and wrong. Yet you will also thoroughly research information before you form an opinion.

Once you’ve made up your mind, you tend to be firm but fair. You try to consider all options. You are likely to prefer seeking justice by looking at details such as pursuing the tedious process of fighting for new legislations or even drafting bills and policies yourself.

Your perfectionism leads you to strive for ideals but also to be mindful of the practical hoops you may need to jump through.

You’re good at remaining neutral and focusing on the issues rather than letting passions and emotions distract you or lead your decisions.

Pallas in Libra

You are more likely to waver on your convictions because you can see so many potential sides of an issue. Yet when you do feel strongly about an issue, you’ll fight with eloquence.

You understand the pen can be mightier than the sword. You try to embody diplomacy. You also try to create harmony and understanding rather than being confrontational.

You have no problem debating people in order to try to get others to understand the importance of justice and doing the right thing. You may prefer to be in a diplomatic role using your ability to network with diverse people and to create allies, rather than being on the front lines in a confrontational role.

Your capacity to form relationships and partner with people can make you a great community advocate and spokesperson. You may help create justice and equality by using your diplomatic and artistic gifts.

Pallas in Scorpio

Your desire for justice and equality can bring out the best in your analytical and intuitive nature.

You approach a campaign or issue like a predator stalking prey. You’ll evaluate a situation carefully though you are equally cautious to not reveal too much about your plan or strategy.

You have an intuitive and intellectual approach to pursuing justice. You can be a powerfully influential speaker or writer. You’ll investigate the deep inner core of injustices and social issues. Though you let your intuition guide you, you also only fully trust what your intellect can verify.

You may prefer a behind the scenes approach to advocating for justice though you will demand credit for your efforts. You won’t let anyone eclipse your status or power as an organizer or change agent.

You may try to appeal to others’ desire for authoritative leadership in order to assert your ideas and observations. You easily take control and try to steer others to your sense of right and wrong.

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