Pallas in the houses: What area of my life do I focus my Warrior energy for justice and change?

Pallas-12-Harm.jpg Pallas in the 1st house

Your strategic yet fierce warrior energy is easily expressed openly.

You have no problem expressing your opinion and asserting the need for justice or changes. You may be particularly sensitive to the desire for freedom of speech and personal expression.

You’ll speak out against any injustices that impact your ability to be true to yourself and your unique style. From body image acceptance to any form of full acceptance of identity, you will be motivated to advocate for individual rights and freedoms.

You have a love of personal freedom and authenticity. You use your confidence and security within yourself to be an advocate for others to have similar freedom and acceptance.

You won’t let anyone else define you. Instead you try to embody your ideals and sense of right and wrong. You definitely walk your talk and follow your instincts and moral compass.

Pallas in the 2nd house

You focus your instincts to be a warrior and justice seeker who is sensitive to injustices inherent in banking, economics and agriculture.

You may express your skills as an advocate and strategist to go up against the established institutions of financial security. You may be drawn to being intellectual, thoughtful and cautious in your pursuit of justice.

Abuses of power in economics, from predatory lending to unfair practices in credit card or other banking or financial institutions, are areas in which you will focus your willpower and efforts to create fairness and equality.

You may also be drawn to injustices that impact access to healthy food or even health care. Agricultural practices that cause harm to people or animals may be a focus of your fight for reform. You may also be sensitive to causes involving environmental conservation and fair business practices.

Pallas in the 3rd house

Your desire for justice and fairness is channeled through your words and ideas.

You may act as a mentor or teacher and you channel your desire for change and righteousness through your teaching or speaking to others.

You may be particularly sensitive to injustices that impact education or literacy. You may also easily speak up for people who have learning or reading disabilities. You are likely to write, speak, teach or educate people as a way to get the support of others to your cause.

Your wit and intelligence will help you to be effective in your attempts to assert your views on what is right and wrong. You also have greater ability to adapt your mindset and see various sides of a situation.

You can also speak on the level of people from all walks of life and you easily translate others’ experiences which helps you crusade for changes that benefit various communities.

Pallas in the 4th house

Your desire to be a strategic advocate for change may lead you to nurture righteousness and the desire to bring changes that benefit others.

You are likely to be attracted to causes and injustices that impact families, home, children and women. You may focus your energy on fighting for equality and righteousness in an effort to uplift families and advocate for those who need safe housing.

Whether issues of homelessness or issues of protection for survivors of family or domestic violence, you have a keen sense of using your intellect and strategic abilities plus your intuition to fight for equality in these areas.

You may find it effective to nurture others in order to win their support and convert to your cause. You can just as easily nurture your adversaries so that they will be more comfortable working with you.

By making others feel like they are family, you may be better able to appeal to the emotions of others and convince them to follow your morals and convictions.

Pallas in the 5th house

Your strategic intelligence and righteous energy is channeled with the help of your creative and artistic energy.

You may also approach life with a battle plan that is creative, fun and lighthearted. You understand that the best way to fight for justice is to make hard truths palatable through the arts.

From satire to street theater, you aren’t afraid to construct plans to convey the suffering and injustices that impact communities by using your intelligence and playful side.

You notice the power of the arts and of games, and harnessing the power of youth and younger generations to help drive your message home. Your war game involves being competitive and reaching your goals by using creative and artistic skills to win people over to your cause.

You may try to address injustices in treatment of children or oppression that limits sexual expression or gender identity.

Pallas in the 6th house

Your strategy and style of advocacy relies on your attention to detail.

You know better than to overlook the power of mundane details. Often you are able to form a battle plan based on your ability to understand the routine comings and goings and systems in daily life.

You are clear and assertive about your strategies and ideas to make aspects of daily life more just and equitable. Your warrior energy may be focused on issues of fairness in matters of healthcare, job access and details of institutions.

You can articulate your position with neutrality and understand the need for a practical approach. You avoid confrontations or radical schemes, opting instead for cautious, stable efforts to advocate for what you believe in.

You are happy working to efficiently create new structures and systems that support your ideals even if you never receive personal recognition for your efforts.

Pallas in the 7th house

Your intelligence and strategic plan for battle involves creating helpful alliances.

You understand the power of leveraging the skills of others and find helpful partners and collaborators to help you balance out your strengths and weaknesses.

You may also be drawn to show your strong sense of righteousness in matters that involve love, partnership and marriage rights. Though you have strong opinions of your own, you are wise to understand the importance of consulting with those whose views differ from your own.

You strive for balance in your approach to advocacy and battle. You don’t like confrontation for the sake of venting or showing emotion. You would rather analyze the situation and try to create as much fairness, justice and balance between differing views as possible.

Though you have strong convictions, you can also be soft and empathic when you convey your views to others. You try to create love and beauty by leveling the playing field.

Pallas in the 8th house

Your battle plan is focused on maintaining composure and authority.

You know how to make every move count. You’ll harness your intellect and intelligence to try to be a force for empowerment and transformation for others.

You may be keenly focused on injustices related to help others overcome addictions, assert their authority within shared business practices and so forth.

You may find that your strategic skills are best put to work when you are motivated to help others overcome life and death situations and serious struggles.

You can be quite intuitive and may be motivated by a sense of being guided by ancestral wisdom. Even when faced with overwhelming unknowns, you have a knack for being strategic and letting your cool logic prevail.

Your calm demeanor and natural air of power and authority leads others to trust your judgment instantly. You are also able to easily show your skills for precisely and accurately dissecting a conflict or issue to get right to the underlying causes.

Pallas in the 9th house

Your power for tactical thinking and motivation to create justice is embodied by your philosophical, spiritual and idealistic nature.

You are most likely to find great motivation in causes that uplift and improve society because you can easily advocate for those in need. You can show your courageous and righteous side without being condescending or overbearing.

You believe that justice will prevail if people are led to see the bigger picture. You naturally see yourself as the benevolent leader who can take the helm and guide others to progress. You try to bring out the highest potential in others.

You also believe higher education is the key to empowerment and personal betterment. You may overestimate your advantage at times because you see the best in others and though you have grandiose ideas, you sometimes miss out on important minor details.

Pallas in the 10th house

Your desire for justice is usually expressed through your chosen career path and public image.

You are strategic during conflict and will address every issue as if you were a business person trying to overcome an obstacle to profit or productivity.

You know how to take a thoughtful and efficient approach to resolving issues. You can also be grounded and fair minded. You favor issues that involve rights related to employment, business development and career advancement.

Though you try to level the playing field, your natural biases may lead you to believe that those who show ambition or willingness to climb the ladder of social status are more deserving of your advocacy. Your views toward advancement and resolving conflict may be old fashioned.

You may be tenacious and hard working to fight for what you believe in but you are also likely to have a tendency toward keeping your emotions at bay and focusing on practical ways to improve society.

Pallas in the 11th house

Your strategic style and personal sense of crusade is highly influenced by strong, erratic energy and the wisdom to leverage the power of the crowd.

You may know exactly how to speak so that you rile up large groups of people and motivate them to join you in your revolutionary efforts.

Your intellect and wit guide your strategy, yet you may have to combat the urge to spontaneously start and stop your efforts.

You know enough to know that you can’t succeed without drawing on the power of the crowd. You don’t want leadership for personal glory, but you do have a knack for inspiring others and serving as a catalyst for dramatic change.

You may be particularly drawn to issues involving grassroots movements, radicall changes in thinking and dramatic, sudden progressive steps forward. You know that there are times to be diplomatic and times to be shocking and outright rebellious and you try to use a mixture of strategies to remain fresh, energized and unpredictable.

Pallas in the 12th house

Your strategy for battle is much more subdued than others’ approaches may be. You prefer to let your intuition and conscience guide you.

Even when facing an obstacle or adversary, you would rather find common ground and find a way to join in solidarity. You’ll appeal to the emotions of those around you and try to reinforce the idea that everyone is connected and should treat each other as they themselves wish to be treated.

You are influenced by your studies of spirituality and your compassionate nature prevails even when you’re in the midst of a battle for justice. You aren’t afraid to speak up for what’s right but you find soft and caring ways to express your ideas.

You know how to help others find compassion and love within themselves to work together. You also know how to intuitively feel what is troubling those around you.

Your chosen causes are likely triggered by a desire to advocate for the wounded and especially for those who are often overlooked by society. You may be keenly aware of the injustices in care for those with mental health disorders or addictions, for example.

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