Moon and Pallas aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your intuitive and emotional nature help you access your strategic wisdom?

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    Moon-Pallas-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct Pallas in the birth chart

    Your nurturing and intuitive side drive your desire to strategize your mission.

    You can be protective and even act as a “warrior” defending your home and family. When you see young or vulnerable people being mistreated or neglected, you are compelled to take action on their behalf.

    You may prefer to be soft and nurturing, but your fighting instincts are engaged when elderly, young or vulnerable people are in jeopardy. You can be protective of your home or family and may be passionate about leading others to advocate for safe housing and family protections.

    Your intuition always leads you to get involved in campaigns and situations that benefit children, family and those in need of secure housing. You may use your savvy business skills or other nurturing talents to help in these situations.

    Moon sextile Pallas in the birth chart

    Emotion and intuition fuel your higher wisdom and though you seem strategic, you are always moved by instinct and compassion.

    Issues that tug on your heartstrings are likely to involve the wellbeing of children, women, families and secure housing and these are areas of life where you are likely to get involved in applying your wisdom and passion. You may advocate for people who are struggling to keep their families together or remain in safe housing.

    Intuition and emotion are highly influential in helping you find your courage and put up a fight when it is necessary to do so.

    Moon square Pallas in the birth chart

    You may feel conflicted about your emotional response and intuition and your desire to fight for others.

    You are inspired by issues that hit close to home, sometimes literally issues of safety and security for home and family protection. Yet even though you are motivated by your compassionate and nurturing side, you can struggle to find the confidence to push for what you believe.

    When your feelings are triggered often enough though, you will push yourself outside of your comfort zone and find the confidence to assert yourself.

    Moon trine Pallas in the birth chart

    Your desire to nurture others and follow your intuition is powerful and drives your instincts to be protective of fair housing and the rights of families.

    You can be protective over the missions and campaigns that appeal to your emotional side. You may also advocate for people who feel like “family” to you.

    You are driven by an emotional attachment to others and by sensitivity and compassion. You will follow your intuition and help others see how your mission can give them greater security.

    Moon opposite Pallas in the birth chart

    Your intuition and emotions can make you feel insecure about situations in which you need to advocate for others.

    Though you may be compelled to protect children, families or those who need stable housing, you may also shy away from your mission to lead others. Your emotions can make it difficult for you to be objective in assessing campaigns in which you could otherwise be of great help.

    You may have to work hard to trust your intuition and find the confidence in yourself so that you can bring your wisdom and strategy to the forefront. Though your mission is influenced by personal experience, you may struggle with getting past your emotional attachments in order to be more effective.

    Moon quincunx Pallas in the birth chart

    You are compassionate and nurturing but don’t know your full potential. You may be triggered to work toward building better opportunities for children and families.

    Yet your instincts and intuition may be lost easily in emotional triggers that both inspire you to be part of the solution but also overwhelm you. It takes some adjustment for you to find your voice.

    When you do, you can easily nurture those who need security and comfort. You may be insecure about your strategies and ideas that could create better opportunities for others.

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