Saturn and Pallas aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you bring your mission into physical form through intellect and strategy?

By 12andus

Saturn-Pallas-Conj.jpg Saturn conjunct Pallas in the birth chart

You can be hard working and a traditionalist. When it comes to giving form to your ideas and strategies, you will always take the slow and steady path.

You can be practical and patient and will find ways to ground your dreams and goals in reality. Your ideas can be reasonable and you always influence others by taking the moderate, middle path forward.

You can be determined and stubborn but can also be a practical and reasonable mentor. Your strategies may take time to fully develop but you can also be down to earth and sensible. When you have a plan, your ambitions are easily tempered by patience.

Others know they can count on you to be diligent and to take a measured and logical approach. You can draw on the past and learn from traditions. You always try to preserve security even as you create strategies for change.

Saturn sextile Pallas in the birth chart

You can easily manifest your goals because you have the patience and determination you need in order to create a winning strategy.

You can be stubborn and old fashioned in your approach to solving problems. You prove yourself to be trustworthy and reliable and your ideas easily become reality.

You can be a solid and influential mentor and your hard work and reputation speak for your talents. You can be down to earth and this helps you appeal to others whose help you need so that you can accomplish your goals and promote your strategies for success.

Saturn square Pallas in the birth chart

Your traditionalist approach and concrete style of thinking can make it challenging for you to follow your goals.

Though you have a specific idea of exactly what you want to manifest and how you want to bring your plans to fruition, you may often be frustrated when trying to build the foundation you envision.

You may have a hard time letting go of the ideas of how you think things should be done in order to embrace new possibilities. You may also wander in circles trying to get together the courage to move forward. You need to feel secure before you embark on a new venture.

Your strategy may need to simmer first while you reflect on the past and what has or has not worked for others. You may have to develop greater patience as well and this is not always your strong suit.

Saturn trine Pallas in the birth chart

You easily bring your strategies and ideas into concrete reality.

It’s easiest for you to create solid ground when you can draw on your past experiences and the wisdom of tradition. Your own higher wisdom and insights are rooted in success from the past.

You may be stubborn but are also seen as dependable and reliable. It’s easy for you to mentor others. Your slow and cautious approach always pays off. You are often able to create successes by building from the ground level up. Others may think everything you touch turns to gold, but in reality you’re proficient in leveraging your business skills and professional network to get important jobs done.

Saturn opposite Pallas in the birth chart

Your approach to strategy and getting what you need is rooted in tradition and practicality.

Yet sometimes you need to be willing to try something new. When you need to assert your ambitions and fight for your principles and goals, you can be determined, stubborn and meticulous.

You may stumble though when you need to break with tradition in order to succeed in your goals. You don’t fully trust any plan you can’t physically see and need to have tangible proof of how your ideas will pan out. You may need to find balance between your hard working nature and your need to be open minded in order to make your dreams come true.

Your determination and patience can make you an effective and trusted mentor. You are dependable and this helps others feel they can count on you. You can find traditional solutions that help you ground yourself and find stability and security. This helps you create strategies that further your goals.

Saturn quincunx Pallas in the birth chart

You need to adjust your expectations in order to create the solid foundation you desire.

Your comfort zone is to be stable, secure and solid yet you also have an inner warrior that compels you to lead others. You may serve as a mentor or guide, helping others feel inspired to create solid foundations.

You draw wisdom from the past but this path is paved with hard lessons. Eventually, you incorporate your mistakes into creating your successes, so that even the times when you over or underestimated yourself become critical lessons.

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