Uranus and Pallas aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your individuality and sudden bursts of insight lead you to accomplish your mission?

By 12andus

Uranus-Pallas-Conj.jpg Uranus conjunct Pallas in the birth chart

Your style of planning and strategizing is to always keep your opposition guessing.

Without intending to, you may also end up keeping your allies guessing as well. You prefer to take matters into your own hands. While you can organize for a collective action, you prefer to be a rogue warrior. You don’t fully trust collaborations in which your creativity and individualism may not be acknowledged.

You need to feel like you are completely free to express your ideas or follow the plans that strike you on a whim. You can be intense and easily inspire others with your creativity and confidence. You aren’t afraid to embrace radical change with great zeal. You can also be an abrupt and shocking spokesperson who dares to say what others will only think about but keep to themselves.

Your intuition and innovative style can make others feel intimidated by you, yet you can also be an inspiring mentor to those who appreciate your wisdom. Your plan is to not have a concrete plan. You’d rather be free to break the rules in the service of doing whatever will work.

Uranus sextile Pallas in the birth chart

You can be intense, radical and innovative.

Though you are a radical visionary, you easily express your views and strategies in such a way that others are compelled to take you seriously. You can easily help others envision the future you imagine.

You can be a maverick, though your creativity and intelligence will win people over to your cause long before alienating them. You need to have productive humanitarian outlets for your intense energy and you have no problem embracing campaigns to help the underdog.

Uranus square Pallas in the birth chart

You are a natural rebel and will push back against any kind of confinement or restrictions.

Your individualistic nature can be an asset in some ways, but when it comes to trying to win people over to your views or support your mission, you can sometimes get into power struggles. You may not realize how your intense emotion and determination comes across to others.

You may create roadblocks even among your own ideological peers. While you’re fine with being set apart as an individual outside of the crowd, you may not always realize the toll this can take on your mission and the success of your cause.

When you can balance your need for unique identity and your love of your mission, you can be a focused and determined advocate for change.

Uranus trine Pallas in the birth chart

You easily show your freedom loving, individual nature especially in your efforts to implement strategies for change.

You can be a futuristic thinker who always sees a way to innovate and improve on things. You can also easily inspire others with your innovation and creativity. You can be intense but you seldom alienate others. Instead you win people to your cause.

You can be a catalyst for change on a number of humanitarian issues and aren’t afraid to tackle big and controversial topics that others usually avoid.

Uranus opposite Pallas in the birth chart

You may be intuitive and creative, coming up with new strategies that blast through obstacles and challenge tradition.

Yet your attempts to follow through on your mission can be filled with obstacles. You may lack confidence in yourself or even work against your own ideals. You may also become too zealous or intense and then get burned out or bored easily.

You need to find ways to bring your individualistic and freedom loving nature into a campaign or mission, otherwise you may end up rebelling against the very cause you are trying to help. Your sense of purpose is future oriented and your mission may seem shocking to others. Sometimes your opinions are so far ahead of your time that you have to slow down to make your message palatable and that is not always your strong suit.

Uranus quincunx Pallas in the birth chart

You can be independent, creative and freedom loving but you always trust your vision and intuition.

When you learn to believe in your futuristic vision, you can become a powerful catalyst for change and advocate for others. You may see the ideal road ahead but struggle to convince others to believe in your vision.

Though it takes work and effort to overcome your insecurities, you will emerge as a strong visionary and activist, advocate and innovator. Your plans are influenced by your intuition and intelligence and are often ahead of your time.

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