Neptune and Pallas aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you draw on your spirituality and empathy to connect with others around a common cause?

By 12andus

Neptune-Pallas-Conj.jpg Neptune conjunct Pallas in the birth chart

If you want anything done right, you’ve got to feel connected to others in the service of healing. You would rather not go it alone. Your unique purpose and passion involves your ability to empathize deeply with others. You can be a positive catalyst for deep healing and connection with those around you.

Your strategy for success is to connect emotionally with others and use the connection to help influence the attitudes of those around you. You can be creative and take an artistic approach as well.

Your vision may be idealistic and you may consider only a romanticized version of reality. You may try to bring out the best in others and you always hope that others will follow through and assist in your cause simply because it is the right thing to do.

Neptune sextile Pallas in the birth chart

You can be dreamy, empathic and creative in your approach to creating strategies that help you fulfill your mission.

You are a dreamer but you actually believe in your dreams enough to align them with a healing purpose and make them into reality. Your empathy and connection with others is evident and this helps others to trust you and follow your lead.

You take a soft approach rather than dominating others with your ideas and opinions. You can also show great compassion for both your allies, those you try to help and even your adversaries.

Your plans and strategies can be influenced by your intuition as well. Your ideas may defy logic and others may question your judgment but you are always proven right in the end. You may feel like your mission was spiritually influenced or that you are involved in a sacred task. You can mentor others but seldom seek the spotlight. Instead you see yourself as a vessel of Divine inspiration.

Neptune square Pallas in the birth chart

Your sensitivity and creativity can help you find motivation to fulfill your mission. However you also need to overcome illusions.

You can become confused when coming up with a strategy to succeed because you believe that wanting something and creating it are always one in the same. Though you can succeed in manifesting your goals, you can also become stressed when you have to put more effort into enacting your plans than you anticipated.

When reality doesn’t pan out the way you expected you can become flexible and adapt, or you can get caught up insisting that things go the way you want, even when it doesn’t seem feasible. You may hold on to your illusions and fantasies even when it is obvious you need to try another course of action.

Your strategies are heavily influenced by your dreams. This can make you creative and resourceful but also at times unrealistic.

Neptune trine Pallas in the birth chart

You can easily ebb and flow when changes are needed.

Your strategies for success are more like vague outlines. All you really need is to know the outcome you desire. You know there are many paths to your goals and you don’t get too caught up in trying to have things go only one certain way.

You can be compassionate, intuitive and flexible. You don’t always know how the details will fall into place and that doesn’t bother you. You can have such strong faith that you know that showing up and being open minded is all you need to do in order to find the next step.

Neptune opposite Pallas in the birth chart

Your strategies may be vague and fuzzy. You don’t want to commit to a concrete plan. Instead you prefer to have a fluid and changeable strategy that will suit your changing mood.

Unfortunately, this can turn you into a dreamer whose ambitions don’t come to fruition as easily as they could. You may dream up plans and leave it up to others or to chance to let things fall into place.

You may also work against your success by becoming confused and distracted by wishful thinking. If a desire or plan is not realistic, you may hold on to it as a dream and then become resentful, assuming others did not do enough to promote your goals.

Your intuition can help you but can also be a hindrance if you have not yet found ways to reality test your wishes and dreams. You may be confused by wishful thinking masquerading as intuition and this can diluet the effectiveness of your plans.

Neptune quincunx Pallas in the birth chart

You can be dreamy, empathic and nurturing. Yet your plans can dissolve into confusion and hurt feelings. This is because you aren’t always assertive. You may assume others are on the same page that you are and this can lead to miscommunications.

Yet when you embrace your creative side and intuitive nature, you can have much greater trust in your plans and ideas. You are caring and compassionate. Sometimes your emotions get in the way of your ability to think logically about a situation. You have to go back and forth before you are able to find a way to blend logic and emotion.

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