Pluto and Pallas aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you use your keen mind and powers of persuasion to succeed in your goals?

    By 12andus

    Pluto-Pallas-Conj.jpg Pluto conjunct Pallas in the birth chart

    You can be intense and though you know how to be diplomatic, you aren’t afraid to make your authoritative nature known to others.

    You have an obsessive mind and once a strategy comes to you, you’ll narrow your focus and put all your power into succeeding. You can be flexible but only after you’ve exhausted all your influence and intellectual skills trying to have things your way.

    Rather than compromising, you would prefer to convince others that your way is right. You expect others to naturally fall in line with your thinking and often they do. You can be a passionate speaker and make a compelling argument to others.

    Your style of planning and persuasive communication can inspire others to follow you. You may develop a reputation as being a powerful mentor who helps others embrace deeper transformation. You can also find ways to get right to the heart of the matter and express urgency and passion so that others don’t second guess your ideas.

    You don’t have to be loud to show you are an authority on a particular subject matter. In fact you can command attention even by lowering your voice or saying few words.

    Pluto sextile Pallas in the birth chart

    You can be intense and determined. When you come up with a plan or a strategy, you won’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.

    Luckily, you are more likely to win people over to your side and enhance your prospects of success because of your authoritative and confident nature. You have a knack for seeing right through to the heart of the matter.

    You don’t easily back down but you also don’t have to. Whatever obstacles come your way, you know how to plan around them. You’ll find ways to seek out the loopholes in any situation and if you dig deep enough, you can argue any point effectively.

    Pluto square Pallas in the birth chart

    Your intense and determined nature can motivate you but can also be an obstacle.

    You find ways to ask all the right probing questions to help others see your vision and adopt your strategies. Yet you can also create tension or hostility because you won’t let up on your desires and insist on having your way.

    You can be so confident in your own beliefs and desires that you unintentionally push people away or turn others off to your cause. Power struggles and battling wills with others works against your goals yet you may distract yourself in these ways.

    Pluto trine Pallas in the birth chart

    You are inspiring to others because your confidence and authority makes others see you as an expert.

    You are a natural leader and can easily influence others to adopt your ideas and pursue your strategies. You can convey a sense of urgency yet your message is usually well received. Rather than coming across as intimidating, you can be a strong influential mentor to others.

    You have a strong inner willpower and when an issue appeals to your passions you can research and plan for success without being deterred by any obstacles.

    You can be deeply intuitive and know just how to connect with others by immediately sizing up what is important to them. You can then use this information to appeal to what is pressing for the audience you are addressing.

    You can be passionate, intense and convincing. Without coming across as too pushy, you have a knack for swaying others to your views and getting others to buy into your strategies.

    Pluto opposite Pallas in the birth chart

    You can be intense and your natural sense of authority sometimes intimidates others. You may feel your desire to be in charge is a sign that your plans are naturally the right course of action.

    If you’re not careful, you can intimidate others and actually work against your goals. You are intense and love to create strategies that rely on your obsessive planning and plotting.

    Your process can become brooding if you take things too far. Though it is not always easy for you to collaborate with others, you may find it overall more effective to maintain a balance between determination and willpower and the benefit of your larger mission.

    You may lose sight of your true goals and purpose if you get too focused on being in charge or dominating others by insisting on having things your way.

    Pluto quincunx Pallas in the birth chart

    You can be determined, authoritative and strong willed. All these qualities make you a formidable advocate and mentor.

    Yet these attributes can also lead you to sabotage your goals. You may work against your own best interests and undermine your strategies as you get lost in power struggles. Proving yourself may become a focus rather than accomplishing your goals.

    Rather than letting insecurities lead you to make your cause about you or your need for control, you will need to find ways to assert your ideas and stay focused on the tasks that will help your cause succeed.

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