Chiron and Pallas aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you draw on your intuition and past traumas to create strategies for important causes?

By 12andus

Chiron-Pallas-Conj.jpg Chiron conjunct Pallas in the birth chart

Your past wounds and traumas give you a unique perspective.

The hard earned wisdom that comes from having carried difficult burdens influences your strategies for helping others. You can be compassionate to the plight of others because of your own difficult past experiences. You can also be better able to articulate strategies for reaching your goals when you acknowledge the aspects of your own personality that are unhealed.

Being of service to others as a compassionate healer is part of your mission and your plans and strategies are informed by your need to work through your own past wounds. When you understand the reason for your own wounds and setbacks, you can become an influential mentor to others. It brings you joy to help guide others to reach more success than you were personally able to reach. Your most challenging past experiences can make you the perfect leader or guide for those who need your unique vision and perspective.

Chiron sextile Pallas in the birth chart

You easily draw on past wounds and traumas to inform your strategies and to lead others. Your style of taking action in defense of the oppressed is influenced by your compassion.

You may have a unique understanding of why certain plans or strategies are necessary. You may also have great confidence in your strategies and plans. This is because you are moved by a deeper passion to resolve issues and traumas you have had personal experience with.

Your personal connection to your mission doesn’t sway your good judgment though. You are able to be both compassionate and rational in your approach to advocating for others.

Chiron square Pallas in the birth chart

Your past trials and hardships could influence your strategies and help you to plan a path to success.

Yet you are also just as likely to approach hardships indirectly. You may be too determined or too lackadaisical. The tension you feel between your inner compulsion to do something positive to be of service to others and your desire to resolve your own past wounds can leave you stuck at times.

Yet when you are able to address your past wounds and adjust your thinking, you can then access higher wisdom and become a strong advocate for others.

Chiron trine Pallas in the birth chart

You easily express your compassion and healing energy based on your past wounds and traumas.

Your strategies and ideas for leading others successfully is based on your own unique intuitive wisdom that can only come from the kind of healing you endured having had to find your own path in the past.

Though your needs were insufficiently met in some area of your past, this can provide you with just the right level of empathy and perspective to be an effective mentor to others.

Chiron opposite Pallas in the birth chart

Your wounds and past traumas can make it difficult for you to have confidence in your higher wisdom.

You may be sensitive to the wounds of others but feel inadequately prepared to give advice or come up with solutions because of your own past wounds. Though it is hard for you to follow your own advice and take your own medicine, it is easier for you to see what others need to do.

Still, you may have a bit of “Imposter Syndrome” that leads you to doubt your standing. You may have to work through deeper insecurities so that you can become convinces of the validity of your plans and ideas.

When you do blend your unique sensitivity and intuition with your determination and desire to make a positive difference for others, you can be a powerful advocate and strong leader.

Chiron quincunx Pallas in the birth chart

Your need for healing old traumas and wounds can inhibit your inner Warrior from effectively devising plans.

If you want to become more effective as a strategist you’ll first have to resolve your old wounds. Healing and learning to create your own path in areas of your life where you had insufficient support from others leads you to be more empathic and attuned to others.

Your desire to act on behalf of others as a guide, healer or advocate usually stems from the experiences of healing these wounds for yourself. Your wisdom and intuition are very much informed by these inner traumas that lead you to greater self mastery.

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