Sun and Pallas aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you bring out each other’s gifts for strategic leadership and assertiveness?

    By 12andus

    Sun-Pallas-Conj.jpg Sun and Pallas conjunct in the synastry chart

    You easily bring out each other’s personal strengths and fighting spirit.

    Sun person helps Pallas person discover their strengths and creative gifts. Pallas person draws on Sun person's encouragement to turn their best talents into strategies.

    Pallas person can be influenced by Sun person to become a diplomatic and creative advocate for others. Sun person helps Pallas person find their confidence. Pallas person helps Sun person recognize the bigger patterns and can serve as a mentor or guide to help Sun person realize their potential as a leader or advocate for others.

    Both can boost each other’s sense of self-esteem. Pallas person helps Sun person remember their mission is to help advance society in some important ways as an activist. Sun person reminds Pallas person of the importance of their individuality.

    Sun trine, sextile or semi-sextile Pallas in the synastry chart

    You easily balance each other’s need for personal recognition with the need to advocate for others and strive toward greater success.

    Sun person helps Pallas person recognize their strengths and creativity. Pallas person can remind Sun person that their gifts can extend beyond their own identity and ambition. Pallas person reminds Sun person to use their creativity and gifts to benefit society.

    Pallas person can also help Sun person create strategies to fight for what they want. Sun person helps Pallas person tap into their creative energy and confidence. Sun person may also encourage Pallas person to put themselves first more often.

    Sun opposite, square or semi-square Pallas in the synastry chart

    It takes some effort, but Sun person and Pallas person can come to understand each other.

    Sun person is at first thrown off by Pallas person's intellectual nature and may see Pallas person as aloof or scheming. Pallas person may see Sun person as only out for themselves and ont conscientious of how their gifts can benefit society.

    It may take some effort to adjust to each other’s nature but with mindfulness and patience, Sun person can awaken Pallas person's creative side. Pallas person can draw on their artistic and charismatic nature to further their agenda as Sun person will inspire them to do.

    Pallas person can help Sun person develop a more socially responsible attitude and channel their leadership skills toward collaborating on important strategies. Each may struggle to be in charge and compromise may be needed so this couple can more effectively work together.

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