Transiting Mercury on natal Pallas


    Mercury-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Pallas

    During this time you can easily find your higher vision and use your intellectual skills to create a unique plan for success.

    You may have a heightened perception of how details and information relates when it comes to different topics. You may also have a more acute sense of right and wrong and not be able to rest until you have formulated a strategy to create fairness and fight for what you believe is right.

    You can easily turn your ideas into a campaign to bring about what is best for yourself and others. You can also find ways to express your vision so that others are influenced and moved to action as well now.

    You can be adaptable now and this aids you in your attempts to find the right way to convey your message so that those from different walks of life will sympathize with your cause and buy in to your vision.

    Transiting Mercury sextile natal Pallas

    During this time you can easily draw on your intellectual and diplomatic side to express your ideals.

    Your vision and strategies are easily conveyed to others now. You can find that others are easily influenced by your wisdom and intuition now as well. You can show your diplomatic side now and will seem to have a plan for every situation.

    During this time your plans may have to be modified but you easily adapt and find ways to successfully advance by shifting your approach when you need to.

    Transiting Mercury square natal Pallas

    During this time you may want to express your ideas and thoughts in a passionate and strategic way.

    Yet you may feel like you’re brushing up against obstacles left and right. You can see the bigger picture and see how different ideas intersect, but when you try to act on this understanding, others don’t easily cooperate with you. You may also find that your words don’t easily convey your vision now.

    This is a good time to step back and work on clarifying your vision and expressing your ideas rather than trying to push to get your message heard now. Miscommunications can stand in the way of accomplishing your goals now.

    Transiting Mercury trine natal Pallas

    You can easily express your bigger mission and vision now.

    Your words easily influence others. When you speak or write you do so with conviction and power. You can pinpoint strategies that help others recognize the importance of your views and campaign.

    Diplomacy is your key to success and you may diligently seek out information that helps you promote your vision and find success. You can have an easier time than usual promoting your mission and leading others now.

    Transiting Mercury opposite natal Pallas

    Your ideas and style of communication can undermine your true mission now.

    You don’t easily express your ideas during this time and this can be frustrating for you. You may think you’re being strategic and clear and yet your true mission and plans are thwarted by situations outside of your control.

    You may feel like your ideas are being undermined or that it is more difficult to get your vision across to others. You may have to adjust your ideals and change your plans so that your strategies will succeed in the long run.

    You may also want to continue to live by the same beliefs and ideas that run counter to an issue about which you are passionate.

    You can feel compelled to pursue your mission and fight for what you believe in but you may also waver or second guess yourself when you have the chance to make a bigger difference. Take the time to really align your beliefs and communication with your ideals and your vision.

    Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Pallas

    You can struggle to express your ideas and vision now.

    You may be passionate about a cause or campaign and yet when you have the chance to share your vision or describe your strategies, you stumble on your words.

    During this time you may need to stop and adjust your expectations. You may also need to work on your insecurities and develop stronger plans or a more concise and powerful way of describing your goals and plans to others.

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