Transiting Jupiter on natal Pallas


Jupiter-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Pallas

You may easily expand your vision and become more dedicated to an important role as an activist or philosophical leader now.

Your convictions may be so strong that you become zealous in your quest and intensely dedicated to your mission to create justice and progressive change.

During this time you may have great confidence in your plans and create strategies to empower and embolden those around you.

Some aspect of your beliefs or convictions may be suddenly triggered and the insight you develop can lead you to want to expand your horizons and help others see past limited beliefs, changing the culture and social attitudes toward oppressed people, injustices and other issues.

You may feel compelled because of religious beliefs or philosophy, to step up to the plate and advocate for those who are being oppressed during this time as well. You may take your mission to a grand scale, influencing a large audience or leading a vast campaign.

Transiting Jupiter sextile natal Pallas

You can easily turn your philosophical beliefs and spiritual nature into a catalyst for activism now.

You may take the helm of a social justice campaign or become visible in leading large groups in the quest for progressive change. Though your convictions are strong and intense, you share your passions without dominating or overwhelming others.

You easily influence those around you and can garner support for your mission, especially form influential people who appreciate your vision and ideals.

Transiting Jupiter square natal Pallas

New ideas or beliefs may trigger you to want to take a stand for important social issues and change.

Yet even as you try to expand your consciousness and learn more about how you can be an ally or advocate for others, you find friction between your past ideals and convictions and what reforms in the present will mean for you.

You may want to remain optimistic and enthusiastic, but feel frustrated when others don’t conform to your ideas and embrace your campaign as you believe they should. This is a good time to step back and reconsider your strategy.

You can see the big picture but smaller obstacles and roadblocks can cause friction between your idealistic view of the world and how it currently is.

Transiting Jupiter trine natal Pallas

You may easily expand your views and embrace new beliefs that trigger your activist nature.

You easily come up with strategies to help advocate for social change on a large scale now. Your benevolence and intelligence lead to successful campaigns and missions that help uplift and empower others.

You can easily influence others now and it is natural for others to embrace your vision and join you in your mission. You can also have a positive influence on powerful people who support your ideals and your vision, helping you spread your message on a larger scale.

Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Pallas

You have positive and benevolent plans for progressive social change now.

Yet you may be easily frustrated when your ideals pull you in one direction but your strategies for action fall short of creating the outcomes you expected. You may also expect others to naturally fall in line with your passion and conviction only find yourself frustrated by those who can’t see the big picture the same way that you can.

Rather than turning potential allies into adversaries, try to take a step back. Find ways to magnify your message and your efforts and appeal to an eclectic audience rather than hoping others will naturally take your point of view and embrace your beliefs.

New insights may contradict old beliefs and a paradigm shift may challenge you to get clear about where you stand on an issue now as well. Take the time to follow your higher wisdom.

Transiting Jupiter quincunx natal Pallas

During this time you may have grand visions and great ideas for creating progressive change for the future.

The only problem is that either the world is not ready to hear your ideas as they are or you are not yet confident in your beliefs or both.

More work has to be done, but that is ok. You are on the right path now but either need to increase your own confidence to stand behind your beliefs in the face of opposition and fight for what is right or to work harder to convey your message to those who most need to hear it. Take the time to clarify your strategy so that you can have a strong impact when you are finally ready to share your ideas with the world.

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