Transiting Saturn on natal Pallas

By 12andus

Saturn-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Pallas

During this time you may take an austere and serious approach to your mission and strategies.

You may look to the past and to traditional structures and build your ideas for reform and success off of what has already proven effective in the past for others.

This way you will avoid reinventing the wheel but rather put your energies into perfecting it and using it as a tool for creating equality and justice. You have a clear sense of how to promote your strategies and vision for the benefit of community and society now.

In particular, you may know how to combine business and financial success with other aspects of your plan for security and success now or you may be able to use your diplomacy to get authority figures and the business community to invest in your goals and strategies now. This is a good time to lay a foundation or framework for your strategies and ambitions now.

Transiting Saturn sextile natal Pallas

During this time you can easily draw on your past experiences and the wisdom of tradition in order to create a strong foundation for reform and progress.

Your concerns for equality and fairness can lead you to take a measured, disciplined approach to asserting your vision and plans for social change.

You will want to avoid radical measures now. Instead you may find it much more effective to draw on more moderate or centrist approaches to promoting your vision and getting your views across to others.

Transiting Saturn square natal Pallas

You can try to toil away toward your goals now but find frustrations and obstacles at every turn.

Though it can cause you frustration, the challenges you currently face can also lead you to refine your strategy. You will benefit in the long run from the self-discipline and caution you exercise currently.

You may need to push past your comfort zone and reluctance to let go of the past can lead you to find it difficult to find realistic ways to enact your strategies and achieve your goals.

Transiting Saturn trine natal Pallas

During this time you can easily build on tradition and create a strategy for growth and change in the future.

Your ability to be objective, rational, hard working and disciplined can easily help you take responsibility to enact plans and strategies for change. You are less motivated by passion and personal ambition and more by your sense of social responsibility and conscientiousness.

You can easily lay the foundation for your progressive plans for change now and your moderate, steady approach helps win others over to your cause during this time.

Transiting Saturn opposite natal Pallas

You may want to hang on to the institutions and status quo that make you feel secure.

Yet your wisdom and intuition tell you change is needed now. The desire to be part of a progressive movement for reform and advancement can seem to run counter to your interests for security.

You may feel compelled to seek ways to bring greater equality to business matters all the while knowing that in doing so you may undermine your financial or business interests.

Your desire to be an advocate for change may also challenge your reputation of being a stable, moderate traditionalist. At some point soon you’ll have to reconcile these differences so that you can move forward and achieve success.

You may have to step back and evaluate what is really most important to you, traditionally measured success and status or the achievement of greater equality and a stronger foundation for progressive work that brings needed social change.

Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Pallas

During this time you can crave a role in progressive movements but also struggle to find your footing at first.

You may want to bring about new understanding and reform business or financial industries but not yet fully understand how your gifts can play a role in an important campaign or movement. You may also fear rocking the boat and creating a shift that could alter your sense of security now.

Use this period to find greater grounding and personal foundation so that you can build on your strengths and self-discipline and act as a catalyst for change for the greater good of society and the community.

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