Transiting Neptune on natal Pallas


Neptune-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Pallas

Your mystical and spiritual interests are triggered now and easily become part of your mission.

You are moved by a deep desire to heal others now and your creativity and compassion aid in your strategies to form plans for the advancement of a cause you care about.

Your strategies and vision may be highly intuitively informed now. You may even feel like you are channeling higher wisdom and this helps you create your mission for progress and advancement now.

You may have a strong sense of compassion and appeal to the emotional needs of others so that you can succeed on your quest with the help of allies. Your mission and vision may become all encompassing now and you may feel like you are personally and spiritually invested in your campaign.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Pallas

During this time you are deeply committed to your mission and may be fueled by strong desires and a willingness to lose yourself in a cause you believe in.

You easily appeal to the sensitive nature and compassion of those around you now. You may also find it easier to win over the hearts and minds of others because of your spiritual focus and personal investment in your crusade.

Though you may be fighting for a cause, your approach is gentle and compassionate more than confrontational and this also brings others to your aid now.

Transiting Neptune square natal Pallas

Your mystical and intuitive nature may compel you forward now but some aspects of your mission may not be aligned with your idealistic vision.

Your creativity and compassion may lead you to see a cause or campaign as more optimistic than it really is. You may have great chances of success but blind spots in your planning or strategies may cause you to hold on to illusions rather than seeing a situation for what it is.

Though you are fueled by compassion, try to also be realistic about your approach to your mission now.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Pallas

Your dreamy and mystical nature can easily lead you to succeed in your goals now.

Though you can have an intellectual and strategic approach, there is no doubt your intuition plays just as much a role in your mission as your rational side. You may feel divinely inspired or otherwise spiritually connected to your mission now.

You can also have a strong influence on allies and others who join your mission and share your vision now as you easily appeal to the emotional needs of others, especially the need for connection and emotional healing.

Transiting Neptune opposite natal Pallas

You can find greater connection and spiritual healing by facing insecurities and conflicts that pull you away from your greater mission now.

Distractions and even hopeful aspirations about your goals and ambitions can actually undermine your success. Greater reflection can help you understand how your intuition is actually guiding you. It may not be the ways you expected.

Be careful to not confuse intuition with wishful thinking now. This is an important time to get clear on your strategies and mission so that you can speak from the heart and lead others effectively and with compassion. You can easily slip into illusions about how things should be but this doesn’t help you advance your cause.

You may have to balance your creativity and optimism with greater intellectual strategies and rationality in order to get the results you really want now.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Pallas

This is an important time to overcome difficult challenges as you become more self-aware.

The process that helps you heal and find greater clarity of purpose can also eventually help you step into a role of leading others as a visionary and mystical leader.

Yet before you find the way to bring your gifts and vision forward, it will be necessary for you to face your inner fears and past wounds and overcome deeper insecurities. Letting go of illusions and recognizing how wishful thinking has played a role in your beliefs or attitude toward your mission will be necessary now as well.

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