Transiting True Lunar Node on natal Pallas

True Lunar Node-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting True Lunar Node conjunct natal Pallas

During this time your sense of purpose and life’s mission is awakened.

You may easily come to understand the strategies and vision you need to act on in order to fulfill your purpose. You can also feel compelled to pursue your mission now, stopping at nothing and using your intellectual strengths to work through any obstacles on your path.

This is an ideal time to get out of your comfort zone and find your higher calling. You have the energy and enthusiasm to fight for what you believe in and your sense of justice may be intricately tied to your personal mission now.

You can also easily find ways to stretch your horizons and embrace new beliefs now. During this time you can find your purpose and mission are aligned with your convictions about being a catalyst for change and social progress.

Transiting True Lunar Node sextile natal Pallas

You easily show your strategies and intellectual powers now as you pursue your mission.

You feel intuitively and compulsively led to pursue a path that leads you to act on your vision and ideals now. You can easily express your message about bringing change and justice, finding your place in a movement or campaign.

It now becomes part of your sense of identity and mission to follow your instincts. You may have to branch out of your comfort zone now and this can lead you to influence others to fall into step with your vision and your goals.

Transiting True Lunar Node square natal Pallas

Your sense of purpose and mission may be frustrated by your vision and strategies.

The ways you try to fulfill your mission may actually undermine you. You may also feel compelled to move in a direction that causes frustration and your intellectual side may be at odds with your deeper intuitive instincts now.

You can find greater success now if you reconcile your sense of mission and purpose with your fighting spirit and passionate desires. You may have to try to overcome obstacles and challenges that force you to reconsider your strategy and slow down.

Transiting True Lunar Node trine natal Pallas

Your sense of mission and purpose easily aligns with your ability to lead others on a campaign or mission for justice now.

You may feel compulsively and intuitively drawn in a specific direction that also allows you to show your authority and intellectual skills. You can easily win people over to your vision and campaign now and your insights and strategies will bring success.

During this time you can easily advance both personally and on your mission as a leader or mentor for others.

Transiting True Lunar Node opposite natal Pallas

You may feel compelled to move beyond your comfort zone and yet also feel like your best strategies and bigger vision is not fully developed yet.

Your best plans may keep you stuck still. You may also now have a deep sense that things need to change in order for you to advance and in order for you to fulfill your mission to advance society.

With some effort, you can bring your vision and purpose into balance and find the right motivation and also the right strategy to help you advance and grow personally and in your mission.

You may need to set aside your personal preferences and desires in order to fulfill your obligation to a cause or mission that expands your understanding and helps you create justice and fairness for others now. You may need to balance your personal ambitions and give equal weight to your role as a leader and advocate for others’ advancement.

Transiting True Lunar Node quincunx natal Pallas

During this time your desire to fulfill your personal mission and advance on your path may be at odds with the role you need to play as a strategist or mentor toward others.

You may have deeper insecurities that lead you to back down from your mission or miss opportunities to advance your vision and agenda. You may have to face deeper challenges and push yourself outside of your comfort zone so that you can carry your agenda forward and work toward greater justice for society.

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