Transiting Pallas on natal Sun

    By 12andus

    Sun-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Pallas conjunct natal Sun

    During this time you may feel like your Inner Warrior is awakened.

    You may connect with a new mission about which you feel passionate. Your ability to create effective strategies will be dependent on your creative talents. You put an individual spin on your activism and efforts to lead and mentor others now as well.

    You may effortlessly express your strategies and ideas and win over support from others who recognize the importance of your campaign but who are also moved by your charisma and enthusiasm.

    You may feel more confident in your ability to lead others and in your strategies and mission now. Others pick up on your strong sense of right and wrong and will naturally stand behind you, allowing you to lead the way.

    Transiting Pallas sextile natal Sun

    During this time, you can easily express your vision and rally people around your mission by combining your intellectual strategies and charismatic nature.

    You show potential as a leader now and others easily gravitate toward you and embrace your mission. You may find fortunate allies who will help promote your cause or campaign now as well.

    Your creativity is enhanced as you step up to the plate to mentor others or act as a leader on a quest to create justice and equality now.

    Transiting Pallas square natal Sun

    During this time you can feel compelled to follow your ambitions and strategies, showing your fighting spirit and desire to be part of a movement for justice.

    You may have a lot of creativity and charisma to share but your path is filled with obstacles that challenge your enthusiasm and optimism. If you take these obstacles personally, you may feel like you are surrounded by people who are deliberately thwarting your progress.

    However if you apply your intellectual wisdom and power of creativity in light of these setbacks, you may find that you are actually making better progress than you expected.

    Transiting Pallas trine natal Sun

    You may easily make progress and advance toward your goals as a leader of a campaign or important movement during this time.

    Your charisma and creativity work to your advantage and help you to create winning strategies. Your assertiveness and intellectual abilities easily win others over to your side as well now.

    You may find it easier than usual to follow your vision and show your potential for leadership now as well. Your ambition is heightened and you can thrive personally because of your involvement in an important cause or campaign.

    Transiting Pallas opposite natal Sun

    Your strategic abilities and sense of mission is at odds with your personal identity and creative powers during this time.

    You may feel pulled in two different directions now. Stuck between the desire to fulfill what seems like your campaign or mission and your desire to pursue your own personal ambitions and personal success. You can be distracted by ego desires and undermine your bigger mission. You may have to work to bypass your insecurities and follow through on your obligations as a mentor or leader now.

    You may feel compelled to act as a leader or mentor but also feel ill equipped to follow through with the necessary plans to succeed. You may need to align your personal goals and ambitions with your sense of calling to be part of an important cause or mission now.

    When you know how to draw on your assertive, strategic, warrior side along with your creativity and leadership potential, you can find ways to overcome obstacles and succeed.

    Transiting Pallas quincunx natal Sun

    During this time you may feel drawn to be part of an important mission related to creating justice or progress.

    At the same time, you may not fully feel confident in yourself or your ability to step up to the plate and mentor others. You may need to gather your strength and spend more time fleshing out your strategies so that you will be more confident in your abilities as a leader or organizer now.

    With time and clarity, you may come to embrace your purpose and crusade and use your creativity and individual talents as part of your campaign or mission.

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