Transiting Pallas on natal Moon

By 12andus

Moon-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Pallas conjunct natal Moon

During this time you may go through an awakening that leads you to become deeply emotionally committed to a campaign for change and justice.

Your strategic nature and intellect may be harnessed into a specific mission that involves nurturing others and ensuring the protection and mentoring of those you consider to be like family. You may also now be more concerned about helping to create change that benefits those in need of secure housing. The rights of families or children may be on your radar now as well.

During this time your mission is influenced by your own emotions and your ideas and vision can be influenced strongly by any change in your mood. You can show great tenacity and creativity and your emotional connection to others and ability to nurture those around you will easily help you win others over to your cause now.

Transiting Pallas sextile natal Moon

Your intuition and creativity are enhanced during this time.

You may have a clear sense of your mission and it’s easier for you to find strategies so that you can lead others to create greater justice and equality. You are moved by your desire to nurture others now.

You can easily pinpoint the strategies you need to nurture and care for others now as well. Your dreams for improving your home or helping your family can be realized now as well.

Transiting Pallas square natal Moon

During this time your creativity and intuition may not be totally aligned with your emotions and desire to nurture others.

You may be intensely compelled to try to advocate for or protect those you love, trying to set the stage for family to feel secure. Yet you can overcome the strain and friction you currently feel.

You may have to resolve issues with key allies who could help your cause but who may not completely buy into your strategies now. You may also have to find ways to better appeal to the emotional nature of those whose support you need now.

Transiting Pallas trine natal Moon

Your judgment is spot on during this time.

You can find the right strategies and insights to help you nurture your campaign or a mission that is important to you now. Your closest allies come forward to show their support now. This is in part because of your ability to easily appeal to the emotional and security desires of those who support your mission.

You can easily nurture your goals now as well and your plans and ambitions are brought to reality because of an easy blend of your intuition and intellectual insight now.

Transiting Pallas opposite natal Moon

During this time you may feel conflicted about what you personally need in order to feel emotionally secure and the strategies and ambitions you feel compelled to advance.

You can fire off your ideas in heated arguments rather than expressing yourself in the nurturing and compassionate ways that will appeal to those whose help you need.

You may have to confront your insecurities and others may push back against your plans and strategies now as well. Don’t take this personally. You may need to stand your ground and become more clear about your insights and strategies so that others will buy in to your plans.

Those you think of as family and whose emotional validation and support you count on may surprise you by expressing contrary views. You may feel like others are making it more difficult for you to pursue your ambitions now as well.

Rather than fighting against this opposition, you may need to work harder to clarify your goals and communicate your objectives to those closest to you so that you can get them to support your ambitions.

Transiting Pallas quincunx natal Moon

During this time, you can feel triggered by emotional issues from your past that have not yet been resolved.

You may need to work through old beliefs or emotional reactions so that you can more accurately and effectively respond to the obstacles you face.

Your ambitions and goals are undermined by your insecurities. This is an important time to take stock of your creative and intuitive talents so that you can be more effective in pursuit of your goals and in following your strategies now.

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