Transiting Pallas on natal Mercury


    Mercury-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Pallas conjunct natal Mercury

    During this time, your strategies and insights can lead you to find greater clarity and power for your communication and message.

    Your progressive agenda can be heightened now because you feel compelled to pursue a new course of study. Learning something new can trigger your ambitious and fighting spirit now as well.

    You may feel a spark of insight that leads you to research a new way of thinking and this can inspire you to become an active proponent of a mission or campaign during this time.

    You may feel compelled to share an important message pertaining to justice and equality, using your gifts as a speaker, writer or teacher to help inspire others. You may create strategies based on your intellectual gifts and ability to see the connections between different events and situations.

    Your witty side and intelligence become your greatest weapon in a fight for what you feel is right now. You can easily win others over to your side so that you can be more effective as an agent for change and progress.

    Transiting Pallas sextile natal Mercury

    During this time you can easily use your intellectual and strategic side to advance your goals and ambitions.

    You can become a messenger for an important campaign or mission now as well. Your skills are put to good work helping you to move your mission forward now as well. You may have a more creative approach to expressing your ideas and vision to those around you.

    You may also find ways to convey an important message by adjusting your message to diplomatically appeal to the needs of those around you.

    Transiting Pallas square natal Mercury

    During this time, your work or mission may be frustrated by miscommunications.

    Your ideas and vision make clear sense to you but something is likely to be lost in translation. Lack of collaboration from those around you or other people undermining your ideas or questioning your insights can bring tension and frustration now.

    You may need to be careful to not express your frustration in ways that undermine your bigger mission now as well. If you can find creative ways to pivot your message so that you can appeal to those whose support you need, you can become successful in your mission now.

    Transiting Pallas trine natal Mercury

    During this time, your intuition and intellect are enhanced and you can easily find the key strategies you need in order to succeed in your goals.

    You may easily use your wit and logic to come up with ideas that will help others connect the dots and work for important changes. You can act as a spokesperson or advocate for others now and your ability to get your message across clearly can have positive ramifications in leading you to success.

    Transiting Pallas opposite natal Mercury

    During this time you may feel like you have a winning strategy that should be a “no brainer” for others to understand.

    Yet you may find that you are being faced with opposition and others are questioning your ideas and plans instead of buying in to your strategies.

    Though you feel compelled to fight for your mission and share your message, it’s best to step back and find greater clarity so that you can navigate the disruptions you’ll face now without losing your temper or undermining your bigger mission.

    It can be easy for others to misunderstand you or misread your communications now. This is an important time to review your written plans and revise your message so that you are truly conveying the vision as you want others to understand it.

    You can find it hard to get others to buy into your ideas. Try to not get embroiled in mental battles or power struggles over the nuances of your vision and ideas. You may need to give yourself a break now and refresh your commitment to your goals.

    Transiting Pallas quincunx natal Mercury

    During this time you can find it frustrating to try to get your message heard and understood.

    Old ways of thinking or traditional beliefs, even beliefs or paradigms you’re trying to change, may still be deeply ingrained in your mind. You may need to take some extra measures to clear your mind and restructure your own thinking and plans now.

    In doing so you can re-emerge as a strong mentor and advocate for change. Yet if you don’t do the inner work first, you may have great ideas and strategies but struggle to express your ideas with the conviction and clarity you really need now.

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