Transiting Pallas on natal Venus

By 12andus

Venus-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Pallas conjunct natal Venus

During this time you are easily moved by your strategies and plans to create harmony and justice.

You may be moved to follow your instincts and intellectual strategies especially in ways that contribute to greater understanding, love, peace and comfort. Though you are fighting a battle out of love, your passions can be highly engaged making you determined and committed to a cause now.

You may have a keen sense of who the key allies can be and your ability to network and nurture your relationships can be instrumental now in making sure your mission is successful.

You can easily advocate for beauty and comfort as well as the financial and security needs of those who have been treated unjustly. Using your artistic and creative skills or even your knack for performative arts, visual arts and music you can appeal to the senses of others and rally them to support your mission now.

Transiting Pallas sextile natal Venus

During this time you can easily draw on your artistic, creative skills and your insights and intellectual strengths to attract others to support your cause or mission.

You can create just the right image to convey your message. You may find a logo, artform or other way to appeal to the senses of those whose support you need most now.

Your strategies are likely to be successful because you are appealing to the desires for harmony and comfort. You may also find it easier to express your message and vision using creative and artistic measures.

Transiting Pallas square natal Venus

During this time your vision and mission may not easily align with your inner desires for security and comfort.

You may also feel like relationships with those closest to you are at odds with your ambitions and desires for progressive change and equality.

You may feel as if you need to work through obstacles in your connections to others in order to fulfill your mission and advance your campaign. Your desire for security and to maintain a positive appearance may also be challenged by a campaign or mission that you feel compelled to lead or support now.

If you step back from the growing tension between your mission and your partnerships or relationships now, you may be able to find ways to refine your message and clarify your vision.

Using your understanding of art, beauty and harmony, you can eventually make your mission appealing to those who are not accepting of your strategies now.

Transiting Pallas trine natal Venus

During this time you can easily convey your mission and vision to others. You can easily express your desire to create fairness and equality now as well.

Your strategies are not just built on your intellectual and rational insight but also your attention to aesthetic details. Your knack for creating appealing artwork and appealing to the creative and artistic nature of others can also help you gather support and rally others to your cause now.

You can easily work to create equality, justice and security for those you care about and your mission is motivated by your desire to create harmony.

Transiting Pallas opposite natal Venus

During this time you may feel like your strategies and plans for progress run counter to your desire for comfort and security.

You may also want to be perceived as a peacemaker and diplomat but your inner warrior makes you restless to get your point across to others.

You may not have the support and understanding of those you are closest to and this can be frustrating. Don’t let tension and anger distract you from your mission. You don’t have to choose between your relationships and your mission.

Instead, work on harmonizing your goals and your connection to those you care about. Be mindful of the potential for jealousies and petty arguments to distract you from your role as an advocate and mentor. Don’t let superficial issues pull you away from your larger mission now.

Transiting Pallas quincunx natal Venus

During this time you may feel like old issues and insecurities in your relationships or love life are resurfacing.

These issues can stand in the way of your greater ambitions and strategies now. If you try to ignore the jealousies or insecurities that pull your attention away from your game plan, you may be less effective even if you feel like you are keeping drama at bay.

Instead it is best to take a step back and deal with your insecurities so that you can find deeper healing and also greater efficiency and confidence in your plans and vision. When you resolve your inner conflicts, you’ll easily be able to get your plans and views across to those whose help you need in order to be successful.

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