Transiting Pallas on natal Mars

    By 12andus

    Mars-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Pallas conjunct natal Mars

    During this time you can easily focus your instinctive and ambitious nature to promote causes for change and justice.

    You may be nearly obsessed with your mission or cause now as well. Your forceful nature and determination can lead you to be ruthless but your passion and conviction are exactly what will make you most successful now.

    You can be protective of a mission or cause that matters to you now as well and your assertiveness and confidence easily attract others to join in your mission and stand behind your ideas and strategies.

    Your physical energy and strength may be heightened now or you may feel like you have an abundance of energy that will help you accomplish your mission successfully now. You can easily find ways to make others feel enthusiastic about your vision and share in your passion for your cause.

    Transiting Pallas sextile natal Mars

    This is an ideal time to draw on your connections and enhance your vision by bringing others together who will stand behind you and support your strategies.

    You easily act on your convictions and ideals now as well. You may be quick to turn your ideas into plans for the future and winning strategies but even if you seem impulsive the results always justify your methods.

    During this time your courage and decisive nature can help you direct your energy productively and effectively. Others may see you as a natural leader as well and have confidence in your plans and ideas.

    Transiting Pallas square natal Mars

    You aren’t afraid to go after what you want right now but there may be some aspects of your plans and strategies that don’t easily align with the opportunities available to you.

    You may be quick to act on your plans only to find that you have to retrace your steps and adjust your original thinking. You may become frustrated with the lack of cooperation from others and you won’t handle challenges to your ideas or authority easily now.

    Don’t make your ambitions and plans about your personal value and identity. Instead try to see how you can be a facilitator of change, not a personal embodiment of your mission.

    Transiting Pallas trine natal Mars

    During this time you can easily express your winning strategies and ambitions.

    You can easily take charge in situations in which a strong leader is needed. You may have strong impulses but they are also balanced by sharp intellect and an ability to see the big picture and come up with effective plans to make the most of your resources and succeed.

    You may feel invincible now, as if you charge through any obstacles that may come into your path. Though you may be prepared for any situation, you may be fortunate now, finding that you are ready to act on your plans and no real obstacles stand in your way.

    Transiting Pallas opposite natal Mars

    Your ideas and perspective is out of alignment with your personal convictions or sense of mission.

    You may now feel like you need to find the courage or confidence to lead a campaign or mission you feel passionate about. Your motivation is strong now but you may feel like you are spinning your wheels needlessly or putting effort into plans that don’t pan out as you expected.

    Try to not get lost in the frustration of feeling like your efforts are being undermined now. Instead, balance your ambitions with the strategies and plans that are most likely to succeed.

    Try to gain perspective on your real vision and mission now and don’t let power struggles or ego based frustrations stand in the way of following through on your intellectual battle plans now. Your plans will succeed and you will likely go farther if you are willing to make the distinction between your personal ambitions and your campaign for justice and change.

    Transiting Pallas quincunx natal Mars

    Though you are passionately motivated to pursue your vision now, you may have to first revisit old wounds or insecurities that impact your courage and motivation.

    This is an ideal time to recognize the patterns of self-defeating behavior that stem from impulsivity, grandiosity or the need to be in control or dominate others. If you are able to recognize and work through these issues, your campaign can be successful.

    Your ability to think for yourself and come to your own conclusions can be empowered now and you may easily find the passion and assertiveness you need to follow your instincts and lead others successfully.

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