Transiting Pallas on natal Jupiter


Jupiter-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Pallas conjunct natal Jupiter

Your fighting spirit and convictions are expanded now.

During this time you may easily find greater insights and an expanded world view that turns you on to issues that impact society and larger groups of people. You are compelled to act as a humanitarian and will easily advocate for others through your ambitious and idealistic vision.

You expect the best from others and during this time you are not disappointed. You’ll easily find ways to act as a benevolent guide and mentor. If carrying out your strategies and plans usually makes you seem more task oriented, you may now find that you are lightening up a little and finding pleasure and joy in your crusade.

You may also be more creative than usual and blend your intellectual energies with your ability to expand your vision and succeed in your campaign now. You can easily find allies among your vast network now as well.

Transiting Pallas sextile natal Jupiter

During this time you may be a strong positive influence on someone you’ve chosen to mentor.

Others are drawn to your dream and vision and your ambitions are easily shared now. You may be an advocate for change and you can convince others that your mission and passions are the best way to create an idealistic future outcome.

Your generosity and benevolence are easily felt by those around you now as well. You can be a philosophical guide and inspiration to others during this time.

Transiting Pallas square natal Jupiter

You may be convinced of your mission and have an optimistic view that others will take to your ideals as powerfully as you have.

Yet when this doesn’t happen at first it can be devastating for you. If you get caught up in the frustrations of not having the support and encouragement you expected from those who could further your agenda, you may undermine your larger goals.

Your idealism is influencing you now but you may need to take a few steps back from your grand vision in order to more easily communicate your intentions and plans so that others can buy in to your strategies now.

Transiting Pallas trine natal Jupiter

During this time you may feel like a philosophical leader who can easily influence others and amass an army to join in your cause.

It may seem like everything you touch turns to gold now, but your success is not without strategy. Efforts you have put into cultivating a plan and vision will pay off in ways beyond your imagination now.

You are likely to feel like your dreams are coming true on a grand scale. You are a beacon of inspiration and hope for others now as well.

Transiting Pallas opposite natal Jupiter

During this time your convictions and strong sense of mission may run counter to your higher ideals and bigger vision of what you wanted in the future.

You may try to be a positive catalyst for benevolent change and advancement but others either aren’t ready to see your vision yet or can’t yet grasp the connections you make.

During this time you may also get ahead of yourself, dreaming of what is possible before the situation at hand is ideal. You may have to work to ground your optimism in reality including acknowledging some of the limitations you now face.

However when you do this, you’ll find that you are able to find greater clarity about your mission and how your strategies will be successful. You will easily be able to help others understand the importance of your plans and ambitions once you’ve refined your idea so they are level with the present situation.

Transiting Pallas quincunx natal Jupiter

During this time, you may feel compelled to act as a philosopher and leader helping others to clarify their goals and find their place in your mission.

Yet you may need to step back and become clear about your own role in this campaign or crusade. You may have some ideas about how to be successful and your ideas are valid, but you aren’t yet ready to be the leader you need to be.

By taking time out now to build your confidence, things can fall into place. You may find that you are better able to spread your message and consider all relevant factors when you have first dealt with your insecurities.

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