Pallas transiting in the natal houses

Pallas-12-Harm.jpg Pallas transiting in the 1st house

During this time you may come to embody an important crusade about which you are deeply passionate.

You may take on a mission or crusade that relates in some way to your personal sense of identity now. You may also be able to be completely authentic about your vision and the strategies you believe will make your ideas successful.

Your mind may be working overtime now and this can easily help you to promote your ideals and mission now. You can step into a leadership or mentorship role and then fight for what you believe in now as well. You may come to be the spokesperson or poster child for an important movement or campaign now as well.

During this time others may come to identify you personally with your mission or crusade as well. Others may seek you out for guidance and advice because you obviously walk your talk.

Pallas transiting in the 2nd house

During this time you can easily express your ideals and vision in tangible, practical terms.

You may find ways to easily translate your views and vision into physical results. You may also find yourself being more energized to pursue your mission and invest in justice.

You can find others who will invest in your mission now. You may also find the means to easily attract the abundance and resources you need to secure a solid foundation for your mission and movement. Your ambitions and crusade may be closely tied to health and healing as well as fair distribution of wealth and access to healthy food.

You may easily find a crusade or mission that you value above all else. At this time you may see your fight or campaign as one of the most valuable things in your life and you will invest in progressing your agenda to reflect this.

Pallas transiting in the 3rd house

During this time you can easily express your crusade or mission.

Your mind is sharp now and your intellect easily fuels your ambition and motivation now. You may feel excited about a crusade or fight that appeals to your intellect now.

You may also easily find a role in a crusade or movement as a spokesperson, writer, teacher, mentor and educator. Your words have power and you use your words to help organize others and share important messages about needed social changes.

Your vision is essential to you now and you clearly and easily communicate your plans and ambitions so that others are captivated and easily fall into line with your mission and campaign now. During this time you can also help to explain the importance of your crusade and may be instrumental in helping others to understand the injustices that you are fired up about now.

Pallas transiting in the 4th house

During this time you may easily feel compelled to pursue justice through a mission that is of great importance in creating security and fairness in housing or family matters.

Your mission is not just an intellectual exercise in morality now, it is a matter of seeing the world as your extended family. You may be fired up about issues that involve family, home access and security.

You can become instrumental in a campaign or larger movement and come to see others in the campaign as extensions of your family. You may find the strategies and ideals that help to set the foundation for your crusade or campaign to move forward now.

During this time you may also find a home away from home in your campaign or movement now. You can become a spokesperson for issues related to home and family and you may become a leader or mentor for others who are seeking a nurturing leader to help guide a crusade or mission now.

Pallas transiting in the 5th house

During this time you can easily express your vision and mission through creativity and the arts.

Your leadership and mentorship style can be playful and fun now as well. You may use irony and creativity to express your vision and help others understand the importance of a serious issue involving injustice. You may also find ways to help others express their frustrations over injustices through the arts or music.

Your competitive streak is heightened now as well and your engagement in a social justice movement may give you more energy but also spark your ambition and ego desire for leadership or recognition.

During this time you can easily find a place as a leader or mentor and use your charisma and sense of humor to rally others to your cause. You may also help others find their creative power and employ playful strategies for change or to foster important discussions about injustice.

Pallas transiting in the 6th house

During this time you may easily express your inner warrior through daily tasks. Your every decision and tedious details of your work and daily life all feed in to your mission or crusade.

You may find small ways to manifest your vision and you can turn your strategies into reality for social change and justice now.

You can easily express your convictions through your daily routines and you may educate others about the need for justice and change in the course of following tedious details. Your mind may be overactive now and you easily draw details and data from your surroundings, always analyzing and finding the best course of action to propel your mission forward.

You can find ways to help organize though you won’t be tempted to take the spotlight now. Instead you’ll be happy to work behind the scenes, creating change by influencing and educating others and most importantly by being a purist and walking your talk.

Pallas transiting in the 7th house

During this time you can easily find your place in a movement or crusade that is important to you.

You are concerned with justice and fairness and your style is likely to be diplomatic and compassionate. You don’t want revenge and may avoid interventions that are too harsh or intimidating.

Instead you will try to appeal to the decency and desire for fairness in those around you. You’ll try to help others see the imbalances and injustices and will act as a friend or collaborator rather than a leader. Even in a mentorship or leadership position, you will be likely to act as a peer and partner.

Your approach may also draw on diplomatic and artistic measures. Rather than focusing on the negative, your style will now be to create an image of beauty and positivity and try to help others strive for that image of beauty.

Pallas transiting in the 8th house

During this time you can easily express your desires and vision through the lens of an important campaign or crusade for social change.

You have strong convictions now and an intense focus on creating needed change. But you won’t be content to play second fiddle now. You see yourself as leading the charge and your strategies work best when you are the one to initiate change and lead the way.

You can easily see your mission or crusade as a transformation or initiation of sorts. You can find your niche by becoming a leader or mentor now. You aren’t interested in small scale changes or moderate steps. Instead you are trying to initiate deep and profound change that has wide ramifications.

You can easily find rebirth and transformation through your commitment to your vision now. Your mission is to be a catalyst for change and you can dramatically influence those around you through your intense conviction and dramatic call for change now.

Pallas transiting in the 9th house

During this time you can easily express your ideals and values. Your vision is influenced by your ideals and you can easily influence others as a mentor or leader now.

You can easily convey your vision or mission on a large scale and may have an opportunity to express your strategies or campaign to a massive audience. Your mission or campaign is also part of a process of helping you personally expand and stretch, seeing the new potential in social changes or dramatic campaigns for empowerment.

You can help others because of your optimism and ability to see the bigger picture and connect the dots now. You can also find ways to be a positive benefactor for a mission or cause now. Your progressive agenda is important to you but you aren’t acting from your ego desires. Rather you are focusing on what you see as the best way for society to grow and advance now.

Pallas transiting in the 10th house

During this time you can easily launch your campaign or mission into heightened visibility because of your status or platform in your business.

Your reputation or public image may help steer you toward a campaign or mission you feel strongly about. You may connect with important, influential people who help you promote your vision now as well.

During this time you can act as a mentor or guide for those who want to become active in a campaign for positive changes. In doing so, you are able to easily show your values and strategies and also combine your ideals and vision with your resources and status in the community.

You can help draw attention to a cause or help to generate interest or funds for a specific mission because of the unique standing you have or your reputation because of your career or professional life now.

Pallas transiting in the 11th house

During this time you may have bursts of insight and profound epiphanies. Your mission and sense of campaign or crusade is enhanced in part by the influence of friends or a peer group.

You don’t need to lead a movement to be deeply inspired by and active in it. Instead of being in the spotlight, you use your status as part of a group or grassroots collaboration to be part of the solution.

Your ideas may be unusual and creative but your futuristic vision is easily embraced by a larger campaign or movement. You find your place in a larger crusade and can easily lend your brilliant insights and creative talent to help spread the word about an important issue or message now.

Your friends may join you in this crusade or you may easily attract new friendships through your work on an important issue or work toward an important campaign, expanding your vision of what is possible with the help of your network.

Pallas transiting in the 12th house

During this time you are intensely concerned about matters of equality and justice.

You may give your energy and focus to a crusade related to emotional healing and liberation through transformative changes. You can find a spiritual calling that is part of your mission now as well.

This is an important time to follow your intellectual ideas and your sense of compassion. You can find great healing in your collaborations with others. Your work as part of a campaign or mission may be truly selfless now as well.

Your creativity may be engaged now and you easily show your love and selflessness as you fight for justice in loving and compassionate ways. You may have an easier time following your intuition now and blending hunches with your intellectual insights.

You may feel like you are losing part of yourself or getting absorbed in something bigger than yourself but the process turns out to be healing for you and when all is said and done you may find greater strength as a mentor or leader now.

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