Juno in Aries, Juno in Taurus, Juno in Gemini, Juno in Cancer

juno.jpg Juno in Aries

Your approach to commitment and marriage may seem to be intense or impulsive.

When you first see the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you instinctively know it right away. Or at least you become convinced that you know it.

Even if the other person is not ready, you’ll wait and watch, with a one track mind, convinced that you’ve found the answer to your prayers.

When there are conflicts, you aren’t afraid to push back and stand up for yourself. Yet you’ll fight to stay together even if it means fighting with your partner tooth and nail.

Yet if anyone makes any slight criticism of your partner, you’ll go into attack mode. You’ll defend and protect the person you love. If your partner does anything to betray you, you’ll express your jealousy and anger, but you won’t let the relationship go.

Juno in Taurus

You may take your time before settling down with a partner.

You’re particularly careful to make sure your spending habits, desire for luxury, and need for comfort matches those of your love interest.

Yet when you think you’ve found the One, you will go all in. You know your value and place great value on marriage or long term commitment. You won’t let anyone disrespect you.

Yet if there are conflicts with your partner, you will just assume that you have to stubbornly try harder to get them to see the error of their ways so that you can go on being the happy, loving couple again.

You can easily be provoked to jealousy. You are dedicated, loyal, affectionate and nurturing and you expect your partner to be the same way toward you. If you feel neglected or unappreciated it can lead to stormy arguments and fights. Still, you aren’t inclined to let go and move on.

Juno in Gemini

You will see yourself spending the rest of your life with a person who fulfills your need for mental stimulation.

Your long term partner or marriage partner needs to wake up pretty early in the morning to keep on top of your frequently changing interests and ideas. Yet when you make a commitment, your commitment is to grow together and inspire each other.

You may struggle with long term commitments because you get distracted easily. Even if you fantasize about others or feel tempted by conversations with other people, you usually remain loyal.

Your intellectual approach to love can lead you to talk yourself into or out of long term commitments.

If you focus on conflicts or the fear of missing out, you can convince yourself to walk away from a good thing. You can also talk yourself into believing that a frog is a Prince or Princess.

Juno in Cancer

Your desire for commitment and marriage has been deeply embedded in your psyche since childhood.

You may have often fantasized about marriage and having a family. Deeply nurturing, you may instinctively feel intuitively drawn to your life partner. Your desire for tradition and family may lead you to prefer marriage, but if your love interest is not available, you’ll hang on regardless.

This can become a problem if your love interest is repeatedly unfaithful, toxic or even unavailable because they’re already married. Rather than moving on, you’ll hold on with both hands and try to smother them with love and adoration until they see you as their logical choice.

You treat your partner like family and will be completely devoted. You may become insecure or jealous if you feel they aren’t completely devoted to you in return.

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