Juno in the houses: In what situations do I most easily show my loyalty and commitment?

Juno-12-Harm.jpg Juno in the 1st house

You are transparent about your devotion to your partner.

In fact, you may wear your heart on your sleeve, or at least tattoo the name of your beloved on your body. Even if you don’t go to this extreme literally, you will go to great lengths to openly display your love for your life partner.

You are clear about your love interest from the beginning and may see your spouse or partner as an extension of yourself.

When your insecurities are triggered, you can’t hide your jealousy. You may make it known far and wide how upset you are. This can make you seem possessive.

Partnership and commitment is a core part of your identity. You may know from an early age that you want to be married. Your desire to be in a long term partnership may even lead you to be somewhat dominant over your partner at times.

Juno in the 2nd house

Your devotion and dedication to your partner is obvious though it takes you some time to feel comfortable with any commitment.

This is because you have high standards and want to make sure you are investing your energy in the right place. You value commitment and marriage. You may see marriage as a key to security.

You are tolerant and patient with your partner. Yet if there is one thing you can’t abide, it is betrayal. The area of your life in which you focus your faithfulness and devotion is in the practical and financial arenas.

You show your partner that you are committed by taking care of practical needs that make them feel comfortable and nurtured. You may also take responsibility for the finances. You may use financial means and luxuries to show love and affection and to make your partner feel secure.

If you aren’t careful, you can become possessive and jealous. This can be the case even if your partner is faithful. You always need to feel secure.

Juno in the 3rd house

You may feel intrigued by your partner. Your long term commitments, including marriage, will involve much speculation first.

You express your desire for commitment by carefully weighing your options and intellectually balancing the pros and cons of a relationship. Your style of commitment is intellectual.

You need to feel inspired by your partner. You don’t mind some degree of distance and may sometimes prefer it. A Partner who keeps you on your toes and who educates you about the world will always have your attention.

You need to feel like you can still have variety in your life even as you commit to a long term partnership. You can fall in love and feel committed to a vision you have in your mind which may not line up exactly with who your partner truly is.

If your jealousy is triggered, you may take it in stride or even try to rationalize or talk your way out of feeling upset.

Juno in the 4th house

You are deeply devoted and sensitive to the needs of your partner.

You express your commitment and stability in a marriage or long term relationship by treating your partner like family. You can be nurturing, empathic and intuitively connected to your partner.

Your biggest dream in a long term relationship is to be committed, devoted and stable. You try to set up a feeling of home and security for your partner and you act as if you are married early on in the relationship.

Your sensitive feelings can be hurt if your jealousies are provoked. You try to provide a home base for your partner and when you don’t feel validated in a relationship it may feel as if you no longer feel at home. This feeling of home, family and security is very important and central to your long term relationships.

Juno in the 5th house

Your desire for commitment and devotion in a relationship is expressed in playful ways.

You want your partner or spouse to be a fellow adventurer. You may be slightly competitive with your partner or spouse, yet you usually mean it in fun and games, not as serious competition.

You use your creativity and sense of humor to uplift and empower your partner. You also like to be inspired by your spouse or partner. Having children in a relationship with a committed partner is one way that you demonstrate your commitment and devotion.

You may be attracted to romantic flings or partners who don’t seem committed to you at first. You may also enjoy serious relationships that have a casual sense or which allow for plenty of independence.

You can be serious about a relationship, yet your humor and carefree nature can give your partner the impression that you are more casual. This can lead to confusion about boundaries and whether or not you meant to be exclusive.

Juno in the 6th house

You may search high and low for your ideal partner.

The one you want to spend your life with and potentially marry. You may find this person in the most routine of places. Your style of showing your undying devotion and commitment is to provide for your love.

You will look for small ways to consistently show how much you care.

You may be practical about your sense of love and devotion. You always keep a level head. You don’t let your love and commitment to another take you out of your grounded nature.

Your style of showing nurturing and commitment is based on rationality and logic. You may try to keep your partner healthy and tend to practical details related to their health. You may try to take responsibility for your partner’s dietary choices and health decisions.

When you love someone, you want to be their support in every little area of life. You want to make their routines easier and more efficient. You may also help them succeed in their work.

Juno in the 7th house

Your devotion and commitment to your partner is shown through your desire to have a balanced, harmonious connection.

You focus your attention on your partner and may even take a strong liking to people who seem to need your intervention in order to bring balance in to both of their lives.

Your commitments are often evident even in your partnerships across the board. Not just romantic, but also business partnerships. You thrive in one on one relationships. When you’re in a committed relationship, you only have eyes for your partner.

You can see the ideal and beauty in your partner and you don’t have an interest in anyone else. You may see a more glamorized version of your partner than what they show you. If your partner is unfaithful, you may try to rationalize the situation and try to get a rational explanation from your partner.

You won’t want to end the relationship, though you will be jealous. You’ll try to focus on keeping up appearances and having the image of a perfect couple, even if there are issues behind the scenes.

Juno in the 8th house

Your commitments in relationships are intense and based on powerful attraction.

You are intense and can even be authoritative when you are in a committed relationship. You want to be married or serious in a relationship because you feel it gives you security.

You aren’t trying to control your partner, but you do feel more in control when you have the support of your partner. You can become strongly sexually attracted to your lifelong partner.

You are likely attracted to long term partners or to a spouse who has a powerful, transformative effect on your life or who helps you as a catalyst for empowerment or healing.

You may also try to serve as such a catalyst for your partner’s transformation or healing. If the relationship is off balance, you may become addicted to the relationship or obsessive about your partner.

If your jealousy is triggered you may be unforgiving but also not want to let go. You may become resentful and vindictive, but you can be possessive over your partner.

Juno in the 9th house

You have a strong passion for your partner, though you may take your time coming to a place of commitment.

You love the idea of sharing your life with someone, though you see marriage and life long commitment as potentially stifling. Though you don’t like to be stifled or confined, you do want to have a steady companion in your life.

Your approach to commitments is optimistic and independent. You see the best in your partner and will simply overlook or make the most of common petty conflicts in a long term relationship.

You are also an idealist and confident. You can be quite forgiving, but you won’t tolerate overt forms of disrespect. Usually you are independent enough to not get caught up in petty jealousies. Yet outright infidelity or insults won’t be tolerated.

You don’t need constant reassurance in order to feel valued in a long term partnership, in fact you may prefer a long distance relationship or the ability to roam free.

Juno in the 10th house

Your desire for commitment and partnership is a driving force in your relationship search.

You are not interested in casual dating. You evaluate every potential romantic partner to also weigh their potential as a long term partner. Though you are highly motivated by the prospect of a solid, committed partnership, you tend to approach this prospect with a business-like demeanor.

You are likely to act serious and mature in your relationships and you expect the same of others. You may focus on building a solid foundation in partnerships. Your career or public reputation may be a big part of how you attract your ideal partner.

You take all promises and commitments to heart. Though you don’t do dramatic gestures, you can become deeply hurt when betrayed.

Still, you value tradition and consistency and would rather fix a relationship that is damaged than end the relationship. If infidelity or jealousy is an issue, you will try to use strategies and logic to work through it.

Juno in the 11th house

Your desire for commitment and partnership is intense but often unpredictable.

You may have a strong, intuitive sense of desire for a specific partner or spouse. You may go from being highly independent to being head over heels in love with your spouse or partner. You may wait and then suddenly rush in.

Though you want to spend your life with your spouse or partner, you also suddenly need alone time and may confuse your partner by showing intense attention and then sudden distance.

You don’t need to spend every moment with your love in order to feel the commitment and connection. You prefer to have an eccentric, unusual and even other worldly commitment. Everything about your partnership is unique and defies tradition.

Juno in the 12th house

You are committed to the ideals of marriage and long term commitment. You take your vows seriously.

Your partnership may feel like a spiritual contract and you may know right away that you’ve known your love for many life times.

You are usually devoted and very compassionate and empathic. You’ll do what you can to be a beacon of healing and a constant source of support for your loved one.

You may express your devotion through deep compassion and with great empathy. You may also see yourself as a healer or transformative force in your partner’s life and vice versa.

You have a creative, mystical and intuitive way of expressing your love and commitment to your partner. You don’t tolerate jealousy well and will likely hold on to an unfaithful or even toxic partner.

You may be prone to codependency if your partner is not stable. Yet you are also highly sensitive to criticism or distance in your partnership.

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