Mercury and Juno aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you express your commitment and devotion to others?

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    Mercury-Juno-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Juno in the birth chart

    You may take a more cerebral approach to love and partnerships.

    Yet when you make a commitment to someone it is usually because you’ve reached a meeting of the minds and feel like you have found your intellectual equal. You easily make promises and commitments known and when you feel like you’ve found your ideal match, you don’t hold back.

    Instead, you’ll let them, and everyone else, know. You have no problem articulating your love and devotion. You may promise the world and your intentions are always to keep your commitments.

    Yet you can be swayed by your adaptable and imaginative nature. If you do find your interest is swayed by someone who says all the right things, you may try to find loopholes in your own commitments and you can become flexible with your own boundaries.

    For the most part, though, when you make a commitment, you fully intend to keep it and will take a diplomatic approach to relationship challenges so that you can keep your word.

    Mercury sextile Juno in the birth chart

    You easily envision the ideal type of partnership that you’ve always dreamed of.

    You can be diplomatic and a great communicator and this ensures that your commitments and long term relationships remain solid and strong. You know how to speak your mind without intimidating others. By doing this, you foster a positive understanding in your relationships.

    Your commitments and long term partnerships may be more intellectual than passionate but you always know how to keep your loved one engaged and interested.

    You can be flexible enough to cooperate and find balance as well.

    Mercury square Juno in the birth chart

    Though you want to have a long term committed partnership, you’re really looking for someone to stimulate your mind and inspire your creativity.

    When you find this ideal match, you may have to struggle slightly to get used to the idea of commitment. The notion makes you feel confined sometimes and you may need to adjust to the idea of sharing ideas but also space in a relationship.

    Working through the feeling of being fenced in will ultimately make you successful in maintaining your relationship long term.

    Mercury trine Juno in the birth chart

    You can easily express your desire to commit to your long term partner.

    You never get bored, no matter how long the relationship lasts, because you know how to keep your partner entertained and interested in you.

    You constantly reinvent yourself and this can help your partner to feel intrigued by you. You also know how to find just the right balance of support, inspiration and independence so as not to stifle your partner.

    You easily make long term commitments work because of your loving and diplomatic nature. You can find just the right ways to communicate your ideas and hear your partner’s point of view.

    Mercury opposite Juno in the birth chart

    You may have an idealized view of love and partnerships and you may fantasize about finding just the right commitment.

    Yet when the time comes and your dreams actually start to come true, it can cause you to panic. You may start to undermine your own previously made commitments and try to talk your way out of your obligations.

    Your feelings haven’t changed, but you often suffer from a fear of missing out. When a commitment gets too serious, you start to second guess yourself and may even wonder if you’ve made the right decision.

    Rather than running away or back peddling out of your commitments, it would be best for you to sit with your self-doubt and give yourself time to get comfortable with the idea of being in a committed partnership.

    You can learn to speak up for the space and independence you need, even while in a partnership and this can lead you to be able to maintain your commitments.

    Mercury quincunx Juno in the birth chart

    You have a vision for a long term partnerships and long for someone to share ideas with.

    Yet when you find yourself in a committed relationship, you may discover you feel uncomfortable or stifled. It takes some work and effort for you to feel confident collaborating within a commitment without feeling like you are becoming confined or trapped.

    When you work through your insecurities and jealousies, you can find a committed partnership that is satisfying and stimulates your mind and fantasies.

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