Ceres and Juno aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you nurture your obligations to a long term partner or spouse?

By 12andus

Ceres-Juno-Conj.jpg Ceres conjunct Juno in the birth chart

You can easily attract the partner you need in order to create the success and abundance that is part of your path.

You find it easy to nurture your spouse or partner as well and your devotion may be channeled into creating security and foundation for your partner. You take your commitments seriously and easily dedicate yourself to providing for the needs of the one you love.

You find greater nurturing and security when you are connected with the partner who is able to tend to your practical needs and help you create abundance and stability. You are protective, nurturing and devoted to your partner in a relationship.

You can also take on a maternal role even in your romantic relationships and must be careful to not infantilize your love interest unintentionally.

Ceres sextile Juno in the birth chart

You may easily express your nurturing and supportive side in committed relationships.

You easily attract partners that show you the affection and nurturing you desire. You can also be supportive of your committed partner, creating security and abundance for the person you love.

You may go through the normal ups and downs in your relationship yet you will always find ways to work through jealousies or insecurities so you can continue to support and care for your partner.

You can be devoted and a stable force in your partner’s life.

Ceres square Juno in the birth chart

You may have a strong desire for marriage or committed relationship but also find it difficult to overcome over possessive traits.

In serious relationships you may find it easy to feel smothered or become smothering of your partner. You may have good intentions but struggle to find the right amount of nurturing.

You may also become jealous and fearful of abandonment. You may need to work through your insecurities so that you can convey your love and nurturing to your spouse or partner without going too far and overwhelming them.

Ceres trine Juno in the birth chart

You can easily express your loving and nurturing side in a committed relationship.

You may easily attract the partner you need in order to learn how to nurture yourself and others. Your committed relationship is a vehicle for creating stability and security and your love and compassion are easily expressed.

You can help to tend to the practical needs of your partner and you take your obligations and commitments seriously. You may also help your partner feel at home, easily anticipating and attending to their desires for security.

You easily commit to a partnership or marriage and can navigate the ups and downs in the relationship with great compassion and devotion. You can be protective and emotionally supportive of your love interest.

Ceres opposite Juno in the birth chart

You may crave stability in a long term relationship, yet your desire for nurturing and comfort can lead you to undermine your relationship.

Your partnership or long term relationship can be challenged by your desire for security. You may become overbearing or clingy when you only meant to be nurturing or loving. You may also be inclined to look only to your partner to find nurturing and so unintentionally overwhelm your partner.

You can be caring and loving but if you aren’t able to balance between your need for nurturing and your obligation to your partnership you may unintentionally sabotage the relationship.

You may get into arguments with your partner over nurturing and how much is too much. You may also struggle to find the right balance between your need to nurture and be nurtured in a relationship.

Until you find ways to harmonize your desire for security and the need to show nurturing without being too possessive, you may struggle in your relationship.

When you do find ways to create this balance however you can find a partnership that is supportive and grounding.

Ceres quincunx Juno in the birth chart

You may struggle to express your nurturing side in a committed relationship.

You may go to extremes, sometimes showing too much protective and possessive energy and other times not enough. When you work on yourself and tend to your deeper insecurities, learning how to nurture yourself and care for your emotional needs, you’ll actually have a greater capacity to nurture and care for your partner.

You can be devoted and loyal to your partner once you can work through the insecurities that get in the way of your relationship.

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