Transiting Sun on natal Juno

    By 12andus

    Sun-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Sun conjunct natal Juno

    During this time, you may find that a spotlight is on issues of commitment and devotion in relationships.

    A relationship that is pivotal to your growth and advancement is easily enhanced now, especially a romantic partnership. You may find that your identity and strengths are intimately connected with an important partnership.

    Your confidence can also be greatly enhanced and inspired by an important partnership. You may feel exceptionally inspired by your partner or have full confidence in a relationship, so much so that all insecurities and jealousies are set aside.

    Your commitment to a partner may thrive now and this may be the perfect time for a marriage or other expression of commitment. You may also break ground on a new commitment or milestone with the help of your partner.

    Transiting Sun sextile natal Juno

    During this time you can easily express your optimism and love for a committed partnership.

    Your charm and creativity can go a long way to aiding a committed partnership now as well. You may find it easy to express your individuality and a partner shows they love you exactly as you are.

    You can be independent and charismatic now and even when you express your independent side or act as a leader in the relationship, you are still likely to inspire confidence and devotion from your partner.

    You can be outgoing and optimistic now and this also serves to strengthen your partnership.

    Transiting Sun square natal Juno

    During this time your desire to be true to yourself and follow your individualistic desires can cause friction in your partnership.

    A partner may feel threatened or insecure because of your ambitions or popularity now. Your charisma and friendliness may come across to a partner as flirtation and this can lead to conflicts in the relationship.

    You may also want to take the lead and follow your instincts now, but without intending to you may end up thinking more about yourself than about what is really best for your relationship.

    Try to find ways to work through tension in your relationship by using your creativity and optimism to inspire the best in your partner.

    Transiting Sun trine natal Juno

    You may have an easier time expressing your creativity and strengths in your partnership or in an important committed relationship now.

    This is an ideal time to work on solidifying your commitment in a relationship that perfectly matches your individuality and ideals. You may also find that you easily attract the devotion and love of a partner who supports your goals and ambitions now.

    Your love life may receive an added boost of positivity and encouragement and you easily convey your devotion and love to a partner during this time.

    Transiting Sun opposite natal Juno

    You may feel torn between following your independent ambitions and needs as an individual and providing a secure foundation for a committed relationship now.

    During this time, obligations and responsibilities to a partnership or spouse may seem suffocating or limiting. You may second guess whether or not your partnership is going to inhibit your personal aspirations now.

    Jealousy may flare up in your relationship because your commitment may not be fully felt by your partner. You may be too focused on your ambitions and personal needs and this can lead to resentments from your partner now.

    If you work to find balance between your need to be in charge and to pursue your individualistic goals and your desire to create a secure connection to your spouse or partner, you’ll be able to strengthen your relationship now.

    Transiting Sun quincunx natal Juno

    You may have trouble finding your way in a partnership now.

    Insecurities and jealousies can lead you to either try to overcompensate or neglect some important aspect of your partnership because you are trying too hard to either prove yourself or prove your commitment.

    If you can work to heal your issues with self-confidence and break through the old patterns that lead you to downplay your self-worth and contributions to a relationship, you can actually come to strengthen the commitment and connection you have to a partner now.

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