Transiting Moon on natal Juno

    By 12andus

    Moon-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Moon conjunct natal Juno

    During this time you can easily connect with your partner or with a serious, long term romantic interest because of your intuition and empathy.

    You have a heightened sense of emotional connection to your partner and you may be intuitively attuned to your partner on a deep level now. Your own sense of emotional security during this time is closely intertwined with your connection to your partner.

    You can also be a primary source of nurturing and emotional support for your partner during this time and you may go out of your way to make your partner feel cared for as if they were family.

    Your emotional security needs are easily provided for by your partner.

    You have a deep sense of emotional connection now as well as shared family or financial interests and so you easily help each other thrive because of your commitment to each other.

    Transiting Moon sextile natal Juno

    Your emotional and nurturing side is easily expressed in a committed partnership now.

    You can easily show empathy and compassion in a committed relationship during this time. Your partner can clearly see your love and devotion and you may both have a strong emotional connection during this time.

    You can find greater nurturing and security, feeling easily at home with your partner during this time. A relationship may become more solid now or a marriage or milestone like a marriage may be in the works.

    Transiting Moon square natal Juno

    During this time you have a deep emotional desire to connect with your romantic partner but you may not easily feel a commitment is reciprocated.

    Your emotional desire for a partner or even your intuitive sense that your partner is committed to you may be distorted now. You may to work through frustrations or friction in order to reach a commitment to your partner now as well.

    Misunderstandings in a marriage or steady partnership is likely now and you may need to pay attention to how you are expressing your feelings or intuition so as not to exacerbate this confusion.

    Transiting Moon trine natal Juno

    Your emotional nature and need for emotional security can lead you to easily open up and place your faith in a partner now.

    Your commitments and relationship with a spouse or partner may be greatly enhanced during this time. You may feel a stronger intuitive link with a partner or loved one, for example. You may also have an easier time showing emotional vulnerability or expressing your nurturing and compassionate side.

    During this time you can also easily find the emotional security and comfort you were seeking in a partnership. You may work with your spouse or partner in order to find an ideal home or settle down to start a family now.

    Transiting Moon opposite natal Juno

    You may find that your emotional needs or desire for nurturing works against your committed partnership.

    You may want to feel more emotionally connected to your partner but find that your insecurities and jealousies are being triggered now. Your emotional needs and the needs of your partner don’t easily align now.

    You may have to work harder to see eye to eye with your partner, or to feel like your emotional desires are being nurtured in your partnership, but you can find ways to overcome your doubts and fears now.

    Though it may be a struggle, try to bring your own emotional needs and desire for nurturing into balance with the needs of your partner.

    You can find a deeper intuitive link to your partner but first must be willing to deal with your underlying fears and insecurities.

    Transiting Moon quincunx natal Juno

    During this time, you may feel like your emotional needs and desire to nurture your partner is out of synch with the realities of your partnership.

    You may be plagued by lack of confidence that leads you to react with jealousy and insecurity when your partner is actually trying to nurture your emotional needs. You may need to see your relationship or partnership for what it is and not as you desire it to be.

    During this time your emotions may vacillate from one extreme to the other and you may mistake emotional desire for intuition. When you face your fears and insecurities, you can become more comfortable establishing a solid commitment in your partnership.

    You may need to consciously break patterns of self sabotage in relationships now as well, forming a stronger connection to a romantic partner or spouse.

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