Transiting Jupiter on natal Juno

By 12andus

Jupiter-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Juno

You can become more optimistic now and this can have a positive impact on your partnership.

You may easily attract someone influential and charismatic who is an ideal long term partner. You may also find ways to expand your vision and find inspiration now and this will help your commitment in a partnership expand.

Your beliefs or ideals may also be advanced or expanded now because of the perspective of a partner. You can easily expand your devotion and commitment now. You may meet your true ideal partner or an existing partnership may advance exponentially now.

A charismatic and optimistic partner can have a significant impact on you. You may start to broaden your views or expand your priorities thanks to a serious partner now.

Transiting Jupiter sextile natal Juno

During this time you may find it much easier to connect with an influential and powerful partner who can change your life by broadening your mind.

You may also feel optimistic about a partnership and see the best in a partner. Your connection with a partner is likely to expand now, you can also find it easier to show your enthusiasm and devotion to a partner.

Even if your partner has a flirty side, you won’t let insecurities or jealousy stand in the way of strengthening your relationship.

Transiting Jupiter square natal Juno

During this time you may be attracted to a partner who seems to be your ideal match but pushes all your buttons.

You may also feel strain in your partnership because of your partner’s flirty nature. You may struggle to make commitments or feel that your partner is not as committed as they seem to be.

If you work through the tension and friction in your partnership by accepting your partner’s optimism and encouragement rather than focusing on the challenges in your relationship, you’ll be able to create the foundation for a solid relationship.

Transiting Jupiter trine natal Juno

During this time you can create a greater commitment in your partnership.

You may feel more enthusiastic and optimistic about a partnership now. This is a good time to expand your connection to a partner or to join with a partner in expanding your mission or status or to have a greater influence over others.

This can be an important time for a partnership as you may experience a dramatic change in beliefs or philosophy thanks to the influence of a partner. You may also have a dramatic feeling of being on a voyage or important journey with your partner or love interest now as well.

Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Juno

You may fear commitment to a partner during this time.

Your independence and desire for freedom and matters of great importance to you philosophically or spiritually may be at odds with your desire for a committed partnership.

Your devotion to a partner or ability to share your commitment may be hindered by fears about missing out on important opportunities to expand your own horizons. At the same time, you may feel a greater sense of insecurity or jealousy in your relationship.

Even when you want to make a commitment to your partner, you can also feel threatened by the potential for this commitment to interfere with your bigger goals for success and advancement.

You may try to pamper your partner or use luxurious gifts to convey your desires. This will backfire more likely than not during this time. Instead, it will be beneficial to try to bring balance to your relationship and reconcile your desire for commitment and your needs for independence.

Transiting Jupiter quincunx natal Juno

During this time, you may have a difficult time balancing your desire for freedom and pleasure with your commitment to a partner.

You may feel insecure about a partnership or fear commitment or doubt your partner’s devotion now. Rather than getting into drama in your relationship, take some time to work on your own beliefs about commitment and partnership.

When you break away from beliefs that lead you to sabotage relationships, you can find the opportunities to create a solid foundation for a long term partnership now.

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