Transiting Saturn on natal Juno

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    Saturn-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Juno

    During this time you may be clear about the foundation of a partnership you want to create.

    You may also find it easier to work through dilemmas and restrictions in your partnership or relationship. You may be attracted to someone who is much older or more mature.

    You may also easily attract a partner who can appeal to your desire for tradition and security now. You may find it easier to collaborate with a partner who can help you solidify your career goals. Your partnership may also coincide with a shared ambition in business.

    This is an easier time to focus on commitments as well. You may be able to feel the commitment and devotion from your partner.

    Practical matters may be on the forefront now and you may easily find ways to work with your partner to create stability.

    Transiting Saturn sextile natal Juno

    During this time you can easily find the commitment and support you long for from your partner.

    You may easily work through restrictions together as well now. You can express your commitment and responsibility in a relationship by attending to practical matters. You may be more inclined to create traditions, frameworks and structures in your partnership.

    Establishing household or family routines now can also help your relationship to thrive during this time. You may easily express your commitment and devotion to a partner.

    Transiting Saturn square natal Juno

    During this time you may find it difficult to assert your commitment and desire for your partner.

    You may feel like you need to set the stage for a stronger commitment but at the same time, insecurities and jealousies from the past can interfere with your relationship with your partner now.

    Miscommunications can lead to you or your partner feeling restricted or confined in the relationship. You may even feel like potential for commitment in a partnership is suffocating during this time.

    Try to work through the friction you are feeling toward your partner or commitment in a relationship now.

    Even obstacles or dilemmas can bring greater opportunities for growth in your partnership now if you work to overcome your jealousies or insecurities.

    Transiting Saturn trine natal Juno

    During this time you may feel like commitments such as marriage or embarking on a business partnership with a romantic partner is in order.

    You may find it much easier to make your commitment and devotion to a partner known now. Doing this through practical terms is likely to bring success in your relationship.

    You may also find it easier to deepen the connection you have with an older partner or mature partner who helps you establish a more stable foundation in business as well as in the partnership.

    Transiting Saturn opposite natal Juno

    During this time you can feel torn between creating a firm foundation in a partnership or relationship and taking the slow and cautious road to taking care of your own financial or practical needs.

    You may want to show your devotion in a partnership now but instead you end up acting distant or aloof. You may also have to contend with limitations and restrictions that have a challenging impact on your partnership.

    If you are able to work through your insecurities and even jealousy within the partnership, you will be able to find a stronger connection to your partner now.

    You may also have a chance to find balance between your desire for security and your need to show your commitment to a relationship.

    Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Juno

    During this time you may feel a strong commitment to your partner but fear restrictions. Limitations or obstacles may challenge you now.

    You may try to set a solid foundation for a partnership or relationship now but your insecurities or jealousies can lead you to question whether your partner is truly devoted to you.

    If you work to break through old patterns of thinking, you may come to see that what you thought were limitations can actually help you to refine your commitment to your partner.

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