Transiting Neptune on natal Juno

By 12andus

Neptune-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Juno

During this time, you may feel more intimately connected to your partner.

You may practically lose yourself as you immerse yourself in the connection you’re your partner. You may have a strong sense that your partner is spiritually linked to you and that you are destined to be with you.

You may also feel an intuitive and psychic connection to your partner now. You may feel a powerful attraction to a mystical, spiritual and mysterious person. You may also feel like you are meant to be with someone who confuses you or creates many illusions during this time as well.

You can also find it easy to express your commitment and devotion to a partner at this time.

You may have the opportunity to undergo deep emotional healing and growth as a result of the influence of your partner now as well.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Juno

During this time you may find it easy to express your attraction and devotion to a partner who is mystical, spiritual and even a bit mysterious.

You can easily attract a partner who changes your perspective and helps you further align with your spiritual goals now. You can express both your romantic desires and also your spiritual connection through your relationship.

You may also find it easier to show your compassionate, nurturing and creative side as a result of your significant partnership. This can be an important time for showing your devotion and commitment to a partner as well now.

Transiting Neptune square natal Juno

During this time you can find it difficult to express your compassion and commitment to a partner.

You may discover unsettling news that leads you to realize your relationship was not as committed and solid as you thought. Illusions may be exposed now and this can lead you to question the love and connection you have with your partner in the first place.

During this time you may also experience tension and challenges in your partnership. You may have to work through illusions and wishful thinking in order to get clarity on your partnership and the level of commitment your partner is ready to show now.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Juno

During this time you can easily convey your devotion, compassion and romantic desire for your partner.

You may feel like your partnership is something right out of a fairytale. The romance you have desired is developing now and you may feel completely aligned with your partner.

You may share a deep and empathic bond with your partner now as well. This is an ideal time to develop fantasies and explore the wishes and dreams you and your partner both share together.

This can also be an important time for deeper emotional connection and emotional healing within a relationship. Your partnership can benefit from a strong spiritual connection now as well.

Transiting Neptune opposite natal Juno

You may feel torn between your desire to lose yourself in the fantasy image you have of your relationship and the reality which is not what you envisioned it to be.

Your commitment and partnership may require greater responsibility and dealing with a situation as it is can trigger emotional insecurities and jealousy. You may have to face reality which differs from the fantasy you’ve projected onto your partner.

You may also feel like love will conquer all, but your desire to give in to your idealistic and romantic side can lead you to misjudge a partnership now. You may have to face uncomfortable facts about your partnership and this can be deeply unsettling.

Yet if you deal with this situation in a balanced way, you can find greater strength in your relationship. Your partnership can thrive as a result of a commitment to face and balance your practical needs and the needs of the partnership.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Juno

During this time you may find it difficult to see the truth from the illusions of your partnership.

You can work through your own deeper emotional healing now and if you do so, you will be able to find a deep, compassionate and spiritual connection to your partnership.

You may have to reconsider the beliefs you have about commitment, spiritual connection and Soul Mates in order help your partnership thrive now.

You can find deep and meaningful connection with a partner that can even lead to greater healing and spiritual transformation now.

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