Transiting True Lunar Node on natal Juno

True Lunar Node-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting True Lunar Node conjunct natal Juno

During this time you may instantly and easily feel drawn toward a partner who seems destined to be your spouse or significant other.

Decisions you feel compelled to make bring you closer to a partner now as well. You can instinctively follow your heart and wind up in the midst of a solid and devoted relationship. A Partner may also help influence major changes and advancements in your life now as well.

You may feel as if Karma or Fate are choosing a partnership for you now. At the very least, your path is now influenced by a powerful force beyond your immediate control.

During this time, be open to the path that is unfolding before you. You may feel like you have no choice but to surrender to a bigger process that opens new doors in love and romance for you now.

Transiting True Lunar Node sextile natal Juno

During this time your instinctive decisions may be led by intuition and a fixation with finding the ideal partner.

You can easily attract a partner who proves instrumental in helping you advance personally and spiritually now as well. You can find an easy path to love and romance and commit to a partner who also helps you to grow to your full potential.

Through the influence of a loved one, you are able to fulfill your mission now and this can lead you to break down barriers and emerge from your comfort zone now.

Transiting True Lunar Node square natal Juno

During this time you may instinctively feel drawn to your partner or love interest even though conflict or tensions arise in your relationship.

You may feel friction between committing to your partner and following your greater destiny. Your relationship can actually support your growth and destiny now, but it will take some effort to get to this stage.

You may have to work to refine your vision and make it clear how you need your partner’s support and encouragement.

When you work through the tension and insecurities that block you from being true to yourself within the relationship, you’ll be able to solidify your commitment to your partner.

Transiting True Lunar Node trine natal Juno

During this time you may feel easily drawn to your future partner or a current spouse who will help you advance toward your destiny.

You can now expand your sense of mission and you may even find greater success because of the help of a partner or spouse who holds greater influence. You can easily find advancement and success in your personal development because of your commitment.

Your partner’s loyalty and faithfulness can be instrumental in helping you advance toward your purpose now.

You can even feel like you are fulfilling your purpose and making developments that enhance your spiritual connection all through a transformative partnership now.

Transiting True Lunar Node opposite natal Juno

During this time you may feel torn between your desire to fulfill your mission and follow your destiny and the needs of your partnership.

You may have unresolved Karmic issues to work through with your partner or find that you are outgrowing a partnership because you have already addressed the lessons and issues you both bring to the table, even if you still want to hold on to the relationship now.

During this time, you can have the chance to finally release the attachments to a partnership that you think will help you progress but actually won’t.

Coming to terms with the reality of your relationship can free you to move on and fulfill your purpose can bring relief now, but you may have to work through tension or confusion first.

Transiting True Lunar Node quincunx natal Juno

During this time you may find it difficult to follow your true purpose while you are struggling to solidify a connection to a partner.

You may feel deeper insecurities or jealousies that distract you from your path now. If you work through these distracting insecurities and follow your higher calling instead, you will find that issues involving your partnership or relationship will work out much easier anyway.

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