Transiting Juno on natal Neptune

    By 12andus

    Neptune-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Juno conjunct natal Neptune

    During this time, your partnership is a source of deep emotional healing and connection.

    You may feel like you’ve fallen in love with your ideal Soul Mate. In fact, your partner or spouse may seem to be a dream come true.

    Your intuition may have lead you to the One, or you may be deceiving yourself and seeing an illusion that you believe in. Only time will tell. For now, however, you will feel inclined to go with the flow and possibly even lose yourself in the relationship.

    Your partnership is much more romantic and sentimental now and your sense of empathy toward your partner is greatly enhanced. It’s easy for you to convey your love and compassion toward your partner now as well.

    This may seem like a euphoric phase in your relationship in which you feel like you’ve met the person who completes you on a soul level.

    Transiting Juno sextile natal Neptune

    During this time you may feel like you can easily pour your heart out to your partner.

    Your partner may be romantic and committed to you as well. You can easily share your dreams and express your devotion. You may find greater empathy in your partnership now as well.

    This can be a time in which you find a Soul Mate or become more emotionally connected to a partner who understands you on an emotional and spiritual level.

    This is generally a good time for romantic commitment and relationships in general. You may easily see the ideal and only see the best in your partner now.

    Transiting Juno square natal Neptune

    During this time, you may be captivated by your partner.

    Yet your tendency to idealize your partner or relationship can backfire now. If you’re only seeing your partner as who you want them to be and not for who they are, you are likely in for some difficult challenges during this time.

    You may feel disappointed or even betrayed when your partner reveals who they are and it is not who you imagined them to be. Try to keep yourself grounded now.

    Focus on creating empathic connections with your partner. Be willing to nurture your relationship and work through your past wounds and insecurities.

    Be careful to not project your wounds or fears onto your partner now. You are susceptible to creating an illusion and then falling for it, so try to see matters as they are when it comes to your relationship.

    Transiting Juno trine natal Neptune

    During this time, you may find it easy to lose yourself in a commitment in your relationship with your partner.

    Your sense of obligation and commitment to your partner is intimately tied to your emotional connection to each other now. Your partner may be instrumental in your emotional healing. You may lose some aspect of your identity as you merge with your partner on a closer level.

    Even through this process, you’ll welcome a change that allows you to advance spiritually and emotionally with the help of your partner’s love and guidance.

    This is an ideal time to infuse your relationship with a fair amount of romance and sentimentality. You may explore your dreams and fantasies with your partner now as well. Your partner may also help you express your spiritual, mystical and creative side now.

    Transiting Juno opposite natal Neptune

    During this time you may feel torn between your desire to be committed to your partner and the compulsion to lose yourself in a partnership or relationship.

    You may have to overcome illusions or fantasies that you hold on to regarding your partner now. During this time, an addiction or obsession that is not toxic for you can draw your attention away from your commitment to your relationship.

    Step back and strive for balance between your desire to indulge in fantasy and escapism and your commitment to a partner or marriage.

    You may feel compelled to act based on insecurities or jealousies from the past and must work through your own illusions if you are going to succeed in nurturing your relationship now.

    Transiting Juno quincunx natal Neptune

    During this time, you may feel awkward about your commitment to your partner.

    Your illusions and insecurities from the past may lead you to doubt the commitments from your partner now. If you take the time to sort out your beliefs regarding partnership, commitment and devotion to a partner, you will be better able to balance romance and love as opposed to codependency.

    You may become more confident in your relationship and finally be able to put past wounds in perspective now as well.

    Your insecurities and jealousies can undermine your relationship or lead you to sabotage the connection unless you work to resolve your past emotional wounds and discern intuition from illusions now.

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