Transiting Juno on natal True Lunar Node

True Lunar Node-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Juno conjunct natal True Lunar Node

During this time your partner may hold the key to helping you fulfill your greater destiny.

You may be instantly attracted to a partner who illuminates your path and helps to open doors for you now. You may meet a Soul Mate now and your partner’s role in your destiny may become more evident now.

You may also gain a clear sense of why your partner was drawn to you, as the path forward for the two of you becomes obvious now.

Even through the routine aspects of your path and daily commitments, you are now better able to express your devotion and commitment to your partner. It may be clear to those around you that you have met your ideal match.

Your partner helps you ascend to positions of power now that help you evolve personally and make progress on your journey now as well.

You may feel a soul-level obligation to your partner now and this will help you see your relationship through thick and thin, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone now.

Transiting Juno sextile natal True Lunar Node

During this time you may feel compelled to strengthen a partnership or relationship that seems part of your destiny.

Your love for your partner is a mixture of commitment and devotion as well as a sense of having a shared purpose. You may have a sense of shared destiny and your partner helps you to advance personally to fulfill your purpose now as well.

You easily connect with your partner and feel as if you are rising to new heights in your life because of this relationship.

Transiting Juno square natal True Lunar Node

During this time, your sense of obligation or commitment to a partner will be challenged by your sense of purpose now.

You may have to overcome obstacles now because your partnership seems at odds with your sense of destiny or purpose. You may wonder if your partner is really the one for you, or you may have to struggle to show your commitment to both your partner and your highest potential now.

You may have to stretch beyond your comfort zone during this time and if you are willing to challenge yourself to grow individually, you’ll be better able to follow your path and show your obligation to your partner now.

Transiting Juno trine natal True Lunar Node

During this time you may easily fall into step with your partner as they are helping you to advance personally and achieve your goals.

You may have to stretch beyond your comfort zone, but the support of your partner makes this much easier now. When you challenge yourself to follow your path and your purpose now, you’ll easily be able to strengthen your relationship as well now.

Your loyalty to your partner is instrumental to achieving your larger goals and reaching your destiny now as well.

You may have the opportunity to meet, marry or go through a dramatic milestone that solidifies your commitment to your partner now.

Transiting Juno opposite natal True Lunar Node

During this time you may feel it is difficult to trust in the connection with your partner because you feel compelled to follow your personal ambition.

Challenges arise that can dredge up your insecurities or make you question whether you are in the right commitment with your partner now as well. You may have to step back and reconsider the role your relationship is playing to help or hinder you from reaching your destiny.

During this time, it is important for you to find ways to balance your obligation to a partner with your sense of purpose and idealism.

You may also feel like your partner doesn’t truly understand you or the path you are on. Yet be careful to not assume now.

Work through the obstacles that arise now so that you can create a deeper connection with your spouse.

Transiting Juno quincunx natal True Lunar Node

During this time, your connection to your partner is tested and you may have to face insecurities from the past.

You can find it difficult to face your fears or insecurities, yet if you do, you will be able to see the relationship as instrumental to your greater development and advancement.

It may take some work to overcome self-sabotage or tendencies to be insecure or jealous, but by addressing this deeper healing, you will be able to solidify your connection and form a stronger relationship.

You will also be able to get back on track in pursuing your own personal destiny, with your partner playing an important role in helping you achieve your larger mission.

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